Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mental attitudes

I have told EVERY Doctor I have seen, since not long after I started this blog, that weight and diet is NOT my blood pressure problem. It's Stress! 

I'm hoping that the following will help the latest medico believe me and that if I happen to have the misfortune to deal with Centrelink, as I did shortly before my first and only visit to him so far when my BP was in orbit, he will keep that in mind and not try to raise my medication dosage or disagree with me if I have decided to have an undetermined period of not taking meds.

Awake about 5 mins, haven't had a morning stretch yet, and needing to visit the water closet.
After emptying my bladder and sitting quietly waiting for my morning cuppa
After PC gave me a neck and back rub as my muscles were stiff

Huge difference over 43 minutes, and prompted by the simple thought that I wanted to do my reading quickly, before I started moving about and thinking about what had to be done ......and raised my blood pressure. Blood pressure levels are mind over matter, as far as I am concerned, and if I don't mind about something it doesn't matter because it won't affect the numbers.

Roflol, think I'll ask PC to give me a backrub before each visit to the Doc as the Doc is already trying to figure out how I can have levels over 200/110, still be upright and walking, feel physically fine and not be in hospital. Going the other way abruptly may really put him in a headspin! Diastolic is still too high though.

RobynLouise XO

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Autumn Stakes

Hi there.

I'm still stuck on 66-67kg and back on the high blood pressure tablets. Some of that is from stress, caused by a Centrelink mess up though, that has finally been resolved in my favour. Miracles will never cease but keep all your paperwork people!

I've been posting on this blog for just over 6 years and it's been a good insight as to how life has affected me. I comfort eat when I'm depressed/stressed i.e. calorie filled fatty foods and I overeat when I'm happy/excited so good food but more than I need. Exercise is also optional depending on the weather and my mood. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Think I'll need to work on that.

My goal is to try for the statistics I had 2 years ago on the 24 February 2015. See the right sidebar. I've done it once - I can do it again.

The hot Summer is over and Autumn's cooling breezes mean an opportunity to work and exercise outdoors without the heat stress problem. Time to dust off the bike, pump up the tires, whistle the fat border collie and work some extra off both of us.

I've also started keeping a record again of what I eat and drink as well as my exercise. No kidding myself then.

Anyone else who has slipped off the wagon and wants to join me climbing back on and staying there?


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In the harness again

I have had a few changes in the last 5 months and it has only served to make me more content...and less streamlined!

I've returned to 67kg and am struggling to lose it in the 35-40 degree Celcius temperatures here. I do drink lots of water but I think it's all sweating out of me. Shame the weight doesn't sweat out too. I'm disgusted with myself for regaining 2/3 of the weight I lost.

The last couple of weeks I've been trying to exercise and eat more salads. Cutting out all sugar is difficult but if I don't drink tea then that's around 6 teaspoons a day I'm not having. I snack on nuts too and I need to stop doing that.

Time to be back in harness I think and also begin keeping an eating diary.

RobynLouise xo