Sunday, March 1, 2015

Travels and Traumas....again

Well, 6 months down the track and I'm living on the other side of the Riverina, NSW now surrounded by grape vines, fruit tree orchards and with walnut growing plantations within about 30 mins drive. I’m employed and my job is 5km and 5 minutes drive away and I've become a member of the leisure centre in town, a couple of weeks ago, that houses the local swimming pools and a great little gym and is run by the local council :D. I’ve attended a weight and core class, done my planned program with a few laps of the pool afterwards and attended an aqua aerobics class yesterday afternoon. I’ve been 55kg since October last year but I can now see the remaining fat disappearing and the muscles appearing :).

I’ve removed some old statistics in the right sidebar and left (mostly) annual ones. I still remember my initial waist measurement being 2cms bigger than my current bust measurement and the bust measurement being 102cm while my hips were 104cmm. I was too embarrassed to post those when I started this blog but they are written in my diet/exercise log that I have. I’ve gone from a size 12 bordering on a size 14 down to a size 8 or a small 10 in pants. Doesn’t seem like much in print but when one is 157cm tall or 5’2” - it’s a lot. Also from 72kg down to 55kg in 4 years isn’t a wonderful achievement weight loss wise but I had a life to find and remake to live it and I’m proud of myself for not losing track of my health aims amongst everything else that was happening even though there were times when I was “stuck” on certain weights for a few weeks.

I finally redid the health and fitness quiz that I did before and I’ve lowered my age from 52 (now) to 50 but I redid it again and even though I added in as many of my work hours as I could, because I didn’t put them in the first time, the lowered age was still the same. So the quiz is a bit of a crock as I’m on my feet for an average of 5.3 hours a day – 5 days a week - mopping, sweeping, wiping down and vacuuming various parts of a factory and offices and it doesn’t alter the outcome!! Also if I cut out the alcohol on the quiz – one drink a week – it doesn’t change it either. Pffffttttt….it’s not going to help that health department for the quiz to be so inflexible and treat everyone who takes the quiz as if they are lying.

Anyway, I need to check how my sourdough bread is rising and wash the dog.

Hoping everyone is feeling fit and healthy.


Robyn xo