Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On top of the (health) world !

Where is everyone and what are you all doing?

Last Friday (10/04) I went to the Gym and only did 3 sets of my exercises as I wasn't feeling wonderful. Sunday I took the dog for a bike ride and found a back way to work so I only have to cross the main road and not ride along it :). Clocked up 7.669km @ an average speed of 13.6km/h and top speed of 33km/h and the ride lasted for 33 minutes, the last 10 minutes minus dog as I dropped her off home as she was tuckered out!
If you haven't realized I've been buying new toys for my new toy.....a 27 speed pushbike. A speedo/odometer with a timer and a new LED headlight should hold me for now.
Went to the Doctor's yesterday and he gave me some wonderful antibiotics that have made me feel 500% better in 18 hours :D.

About to go to gym and do my personal workout again as I didn't think I was quite up to the class this morning and have discovered that there's hardly anyone around between 12 and 2 so I can always grab a free instructor if I have any questions. If I feel up to it I'll have a swim afterwards. Really looking forward to work today, unlike yesterday.

Bucking out of my skin again.
Think I may see about joining a local bike club.

Hope everyone is doing fine with their health and fitness :D
RobynLouise xo

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