Saturday, July 26, 2014

MYC - days 14, 15 and 16 - lost it...

...gotta get it back!

I seem to have lost the ability to self regulate my eating since I moved here. Maybe it's because I don't have a vege garden growing and fresh stuff is so expensive locally. Part of it is stress eating too as I'll munch my way through half a box of crackers looking for jobs online and because my mind is occupied I'm not registering that I've eaten so then I'll go and have lunch.

I haven't been recording my eating habits the last few days either. I've had the usual oatmeal breakfast mix 2 days out of the last 3. I can only remember eating stir fried chicken and veg on Thursday night as I can't recall breakfast or lunch and I'm not sure I had them! Lunch was a toasted cheese sandwich yesterday and a mandarin and will be salad today followed by an orange. Last night I had grilled crumbed fish with salad followed by an apple. Tonight will be vegetable soup without the slice of bread. No cracker snacks either! I'll allow myself a small treat a day - a carbohydrate, a slice of fruit cake, thin piece of cheese or a homemade biscuit. No eating chocolate, cracker scoffing or consuming flavoured hot chocolate at the rate I have been.

Results yesterday from the blood test I didn't think were good, but the doctor didn't seem concerned. Cholesterol level of 6.1. Up from 4.9 ten months ago. Guess I should be happy it's not back to the original 6.9 of 18 months ago. I must ask for the breakdown on this re LDL and HDL level and triglycerides. If I know where the figures are most wrong I can work on those parts first. Unfortunately I'll need to research it all again as the info is on the computer that needs fixing.

I'll ask for the test again when I have another hormone test in September as this hormone test was mucked up by me not being off the contraceptive pill long enough for the levels to readjust to see how "menopausal" I am. After nearly 10 years I'm over this peri or pre menopausal thing. I just want it finished with!

I have to be tough with myself for a while so I went on the 40 minute 4 km walk yesterday. I pulled up ok but poor Flashy, who hasn't been walked since last Sunday as I've been walking to work instead, was a bit buggered. For her sake I'll need to do a shorter walk today or maybe 2 walks/day. One with her and one without till she tones up. I've restarted my weight exercises again on Thursday as the ones I did for physio on my arm also had the side effect of toning up my back, chest and abdominal muscles, so work in well with the walking exercise which tones and strengthens my legs/pelvic area (keeps the hips from turning mushroomy :P).

Hoping you are all feeling healthy and fit.

Robyn xo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MYC - 10,11,12,13

OMIGOSH, fell off the blogging and dietary wagon the last  4 days!

Sunday, ate leftover spaghetti bolognaise twice for lunch and tea after starting the day with toast spread with peanut butter. Flashy and I had a half hour walk down the road the horses are paddocked on though, after we fed them. A change of scenery is good for both of us.

Monday was a healthy oatmeal etc breakfast then a frosty morning walk to my cleaning job followed by a doctor's appointment. Bah humbug, my bp is 160/90. Doc wanted me to have a blood test so I said I'd give it a go, seeing as I was already there. The fact that I'd been sitting around for an hour in the warm, dry aircon without any fluids made my vein collapse though. Blood tests I have to prepare for. As I'd had a wander through the local supermarket and scored a few vegetable specials, before walking home, I cooked a humongous pan of stir fry for lunch that consisted of carrot, celery, bok choy, bean sprouts, capsicum, cauliflower and eggplant, seasoned with chinese five spice, garlic and soy sauce. I can't remember what I had for tea though as I forgot to write it down :(. I know it wasn't very much.

Tuesday I had a Centrelink appointment (unemployment job review) and went shopping so I had 2 crumpets for breakfast, not enough water all day, a microwaved homemade mini quiche at my daughter's and half a packet of corn chips and dip washed down with 3 cups of mint choc cocoa, that I bought on special, followed by 2 large glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon juice in them. Not only did I fall off the wagon I think I rolled into the creek to boot as I did no exercise except walking around to 3 different supermarkets to buy the items I wanted as they had discounts on them.

Today, Wednesday, I drank a cup of tea for breakfast and ate another 2 crumpets with Vegemite. A frosty morning walk to work again but it wasn't as cold as Monday morning. I consumed another 3 large glasses of water while I worked then trotted over to the medical centre at 8.30am where Glenda happily drained off a big syringe full of blood, without any problems, which I was careful to not view as I'm sure she wouldn't like me passed out on her floor! Shouted myself a cappuccino and 2 slices of raisin toast at a local cafe for "second breakfast", and to overcome the blood loss (any excuse), then walked home. Pea and ham soup for lunch, snack of 6 dry crackers, couple of cups of tea and tuna and salad for the evening meal.

Notice there's no fruit in there anywhere? Oops! Oh, wait a minute, there's around a tablespoon of sultanas with Monday's breakfast. Still a fail though.

Results of the blood tests for cholesterol and hormone levels on Friday.....and another doctor's appointment. Hoping tomorrow is a nice, relaxed stress free day for me and for my friends :D!

Robyn xo

Sunday, July 20, 2014

MYC - day 8 & 9

Hi everyone!

Friday I was becoming a bit bored with the routine so had a cup or warm baked beans for breakfast :). Lunch was pea and ham soup and tea was 1/2 cup of chick peas because I was bad and bought peppermint creams and Tim Tams on a 40% off special at the local supermarket! I ate 6 peppermint creams and one Tim Tam between lunch and tea so I didn't feel very hungry all afternoon and I'm sure I had a sugar rush.

Saturday morning was when my visitors arrived so it was a bit of a mish-mash too. Baked beans for breakfast again and a slice of white shop bread with vegemite and cheese on it for lunch. I'd sorted myself by tea time and had 2 pieces of crumbed fish with salad and vinaigrette dressing.

It looked like Thursday nights tea but different fish topping :D.

Friday exercise was a 30 minute walk and I skipped Saturday's exercise as I wasn't sure when my visitors would return from their business so I'll have to catch up a bit today :)!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Robyn xo

Thursday, July 17, 2014

MYC - Day ummmm.....6 & 7....

...and bordering on 8 so I may as well throw that in too!

Breakfast on Tuesday was a bit different as I substituted desiccated coconut andWednesaday put a big dessertspoon full of natural yoghurt in along with the milk I usually add.
Lunch was naughty as I had a small wholemeal toasted bun with full fat cheese, tomato and onion on it. I also had an orange.
In the afternoon I snacked on a medium piece of banana cake and microwaved myself a potato to which I added  butter and salt.
I did go for a 30 minute walk which warmed me nicely.
Tea was pea and ham soup with a wholemeal bun. I'm noticing a trend to a lot of carbs here that I may have to change.

Wednesday was breakfast as usual and I need to buy more sunflower seeds, or maybe sesame seeds, as I've run out.

Doctor's appointment mid morning and my bp is 160/100 :(. Convinced the Doc that I can lower this without more medication and told him that Centrelink and jobsearch requirements aren't exactly helping to lower my stress and blood pressure! I have another 2 weeks to prove myself before he starts nagging me....again.
I have a Centrelink appointment early next week, then another jobsearch one early the week after as well as a stressful session in Sydney the last day of this month. All happening before I see the Doctor next so that will be an interesting visit.

Lunch I ate pea and ham soup with a wholemeal bun. Soup isn't quite the same without something to dip in it.
I also snacked on an apple with some full fat cheese in the afternoon. Probably too much cheese but that was because I did a 4km walk up and down hills in the afternoon and I was starving!
Tea was a large serve of home made lasagne as I was still very hungry.

I took the camera with me too as the afternoon was sunny and fine and took some pics.

A DOG! I can see a dog outside our paddock!

These are views taken from the road the water towers are on.

 (puff, puff...for both of us, but we are halfway home!)

The funny goats were up the top section of the paddock but this lot came over for a look at us. 

I have no idea why the park opposite the end of my street is for sale but I sure think it's a shame :(.

Today I decided to try a high protein, low carb diet so for breakfast I had two boiled eggs. Lunch consisted of a small serve of lasagne, with a big salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and celery dressed with lemon and yoghurt followed by an orange.

Afternoon snack of one apple followed by a half hour walk.

Tea will be a small can of tuna and more salad and if I'm still hungry I'll have a bowl of pea and ham soup from my stock in the freezer.

Robyn xo

Monday, July 14, 2014

MYC Day 4.....and 5 !

Good Evening!

Couldn't motivate myself to write blog posts this morning after wrestling fruitlessly with online job applications.

Returned to the oatmeal with extras yesterday morning and raisins was the fruit of choice.

Lunch was a medium bowl of leftover stew with 1/3 cup of peas added and a wholemeal bun followed by an orange.

Consumed the usual liquids of 2 black teas with 1 sugar and milk, 2 green teas unadulterated, 2 large waters with a squeeze of lemon juice and a hot chocolate. Varied the normal third glass of lemon water by having a small wine (150ml) with tea so I was 30ml shy of my daily intake.

Flashy and I feed the horses on Sundays so we went for an invigorating 30 minute walk around the paddock in the chilly wind in the late afternoon. I was feeling quite toasty when we were ready to return home :).

Tea consisted of tuna on lebanese bread with the usual accompaniments and dressed with natural yoghurt and lemon juice and sprinkled with black pepper.

Today started out the same as yesterday breakfast-wise but then I had elevenses of a small piece of banana cake with my green tea.

Lunch was half a bowl of remaining leftover stew and a wholemeal bun followed by an orange. Boring aren't I??

Fluids the same but had a lemon water instead of the wine so just over the 2 litres today!

Tea was stir fried beef and vegetables with dessert of apple and cheese.

Exercise today was my cleaning job. Seemed to be smudges all over the glass and perspex which involved lots of stretching and rubbing to polish them all off. There were so many leaves in the entry area I was quite heated up by the time they were all swept into the street. As for the mopping and vacuuming all I can say is I don't think anyone bothered to wipe their feet on the outside matting before entering the building!

Robyn xo


Monday morning 5.15am and it was 2 degrees Celcius in the living room. Think I'll update yesterday's cuisine and exercise after work, about 8.30am,.....when my brain has unfrozen and I don't have to type with my gloves on!

Robyn xo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

MYC - Day 3

A miserable cold wet dull start to the weekend yesterday, and I slept in, so I decided I needed something hot and greasy for breakfast to cheer me up.

Mi bad!

So I cooked one toasted full fat cheese, tomato and onion sandwich. The upside was I used my homemade white, rye and almond bread so it wasn't totally naughty :). I rarely add butter to anything so there was only the minute amount of olive oil in the bread and I did slice the cheese very thinly.

Lunch was a small can of lemon pepper tuna with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and capsicum and had a heaped tablespoon of natural yoghurt mixed with a hearty squeeze of lemon juice as dressing. I can eat this type of lunch for weeks just by varying the fish or the dressing or changing some of the salad. Yeah, I can be very boring sometimes *silly smile*. I also had a mandarin.

Tea ended up being beef stew as I didn't feel like mucking around with steak and vegetables and extra cooking pots. One slow cooker and a couple of spoons and bowls to wash up was easier than a sink full of bulky stuff. The stew was very filling as it contained beef (of course), potato, carrot, celery, the remaining piece of kumera and onion. I also chopped up some stinging nettles and mixed them through in the last half hour of cooking while DS wasn't in the kitchen. He wouldn't eat it if he'd known I'd put my "herbal weeds" in there! Helping to mask the unusual amount of greenery was the broccoli I'd cooked in the microwave and added to the bowls. Gotta have my green veges and I count celery in soup or stew as a flavouring, not a green vege!

Flash (the tubby Border Collie) and I went for a half hour walk yesterday afternoon and took the high road up to the water tower just outside town. As I had to walk briskly to make the blood flow sufficiently, to warm my legs and hands in the cold conditions, I knew all about it last night and was a bit stiff this morning. Nothing like a few good hills to work the muscles.

I should take the camera when I exercise as some of the views are wonderful. There's these cute little goats on the corner before one turns into the water tower road too. Of course there are also baby lambs everywhere around here, cattle, some interestingly shaped trees and greenery and the ever changing clouds. Love clouds.....not so fond of what comes out of them at times though!

Didn't quite make the 2 litres of fluids as I was short 150mls. Paid for it though as I woke up in the night feeling thirsty and drank a small glass of water....around 150ml size.

Also have a new drink for the cold weather to add to my black tea with 1 sugar and milk and unadulterated green tea - a glass of warm/hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice in it. I'm not much of a plain water drinker but a little lemon makes it taste much nicer. At night this becomes a lemon and honey drink and I'm sure it is preventing me from contracting another dose of one of the viruses around here.

Also been a bit bad with the fluids too as had a small glass of white wine Thursday and Friday nights. Lol, forgot to add it to my log book as it made me feel sleepy :P.

Off to hang another load of laundry while the sun shines as overcast conditions are predicted tomorrow with rain again on Tuesday.

Keep well Everyone :D,
Robyn xo

Saturday, July 12, 2014

MYC - Day 2

Breakfast - "second verse, same as the first" - well almost....I had sultanas instead of fresh fruit :).

Lunch yesterday was 2 huge bowls of vegetable and rice vermicelli soup, accompanied by a wholemeal roll. I had a huge range of veges in it - celery, carrot, capsicum, onion, kumera (red sweet potato), peas and corn and  half a cup of chopped stinging nettles for my arthritis!

I wasn't very hungry at tea time so had about 60gm cheese, an apple and 1/3 cup of mixed nuts. Love eating fresh fruit, cheese and nuts. Dessert was a medium serve of banana cake and a hot chocolate.

I only just drank the 2 litres of fluids yesterday but I don't think it would matter if I didn't as there was plenty of liquid in the serves of soup. I seem to be thirstier than I was in Summer and I'll put that down to needing to have the reverse cycle air con heating the house and thereby drying out the air.

Didn't have my 2 serves of fruit yesterday either so must make sure I have some canned fruit or a fresh citrus today as well as the pink lady apples I like.

Exercise was my 1 hour cleaning job in the morning - whipping around polishing finger marks and fly messages off glass, wiping counters, emptying bins and sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors as well as house chores like hanging laundry, shaking the rugs and sweeping the whole house. I still managed to be sitting down for at least 7-8 hours of the 19 I was awake! That's another thing I have to do - stop having late nights either watching movies on the TV or crafting. Lack of sleep raises my blood pressure and we all need sufficient downtime......even if we then sleep 10.5 hours because the next day is Saturday and thereby waste a good portion of the weekend *roll eyes*.

Lol, bored reading this yet? Hang in there as I need to think there are "watchers" out there to give me a dig in the ribs if my enthusiasm flags. It's difficult to be enthused about walks in the cold and/or rain in the middle of Winter. Strange that I managed it in the middle of a wet, blowy Summer at 13C in the Blue Mountains last year though. Maybe it was because there was so much to see and hanging out in the youth hostel with all those people around gave me no alone time. I like to be alone and never find it lonely.

Stay tuned tomorrow for today's "wandering off the track" episode. Mi bad!

Robyn xo

Friday, July 11, 2014

MYC - Day 1

Well, I started out well yesterday with having oatmeal, nuts, sunflower seeds and half an apple for breakfast. This is my usual breakfast and I just vary the fruit.

Lunch was lebanese bread containing lemon pepper tuna, lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, carrot, a tablespoon of natural yoghurt as dressing and a dash of black pepper. I added a celery stick to it for more fibre and ate the remaining half of the apple.

I did end up sitting down for about 6 hours yesterday though as I had a rotten time with job applications through government websites, and that depressed me a bit, so the only exercise I did in the morning was loading/unloading the washing machine and hanging some clothes inside.

I went for a 30 minute walk around the horse paddock in the rain when I went to feed them in the afternoon though. Soggy long coated dog in the car on the way home was a bit smelly but she enjoyed the outing.

Tea was chicken noodle soup with a cup of peas and corn added, a medium homemade wholemeal roll, a mandarin and then it all went downhill because of how I felt so I grazed through 15 crackers and had a small bowl of ice cream with about 1/2 cup of fruit salad. At least I didn't have topping on the ice cream!

The fiasco with the job searching meant I forgot to have my blood pressure read too so I'll need to do that today.

Robyn xo

Thursday, July 10, 2014

LOL, Mid Year Crisis!

Hello to all who still subscribe to this blog. Well it's been 7 months and 7 days since I've last posted. Not a good start to another year.

Due to the change of address, a change of climate into Winter, and a change in diet since December I've gained a couple of kilos, lost fitness and raised my blood pressure to an unacceptable level. I refused to take more meds, which considerably upset my GP, as I know it is a personal management problem.

I have an appointment with a cardiologist next month to make sure my heart isn't going the same way my Mother's did. I really don't want a heart bypass because of blocked arteries and my GP decided, that as this is a hereditary problem, to rule it out early. I'm sure he just wants to prove me wrong so he can make me pop more pills *roll eyes*. If I do have a heart/artery problem then I'll act on it when I find out but meanwhile I'll correct the problem I do know something about.

So.....I've completed this little quiz this evening and discovered my health and fitness age is 0.3 years below my actual age of 51. Which is good  BUT  this made me wonder what age I would have achieved if I'd done this quiz when I last posted here. I felt then like I did when I was 21, felt really alive and could go all day. I want to feel like that again and I can do it because I know how... I've just become lethargic about my health which is not good when you know as much about your family health history as I do.

Personal management problem!!

This made me set myself a challenge before I see the cardio - to drop my "age" on the calculator by 10% which will mean I have the health and fitness of someone who is 45.9 years of age. Anything below that age is a bonus as I really don't think I can work miracles in 4 weeks. 

I'm not a consistent blogger but I think I'll have to make myself accountable with this so I'll be keeping track of my diet and exercise daily and I'll try to do a daily management entry of my progress. Tomorrow I'll visit the chemist and have my blood pressure taken, then I see my GP in a week so he'll take it again and there will be one more visit to the chemist before the cardio appointment. I was 61.1kg this morning and I'll do a weigh-in each week including the morning of the cardio appointment.

Don't wish me luck as I don't need it. What I need is to be consistent with my diet and exercise, and the occasional kick in the pants when I'm slack (also lethargic,slothful, inert, idle etc), and I need to improve my personal time management.

Day 1 tomorrow.

Robyn xo