Saturday, August 9, 2014

Food Review

I had crumpets with avocado and honey this morning for breakfast. It started me thinking on what I have eaten since arriving home and I realised it's been a lot of items that supposedly contain more Omega 3 fats and cholesterol lowering foods. Leafy green vegetables, lots of cauliflower in the minestrone, oatmeal with fruit and nuts - especially walnuts and almonds, canned fish, stuffed olives. Makes me wonder if the meat I was eating in Sydney was originally from a cattle feedlot and that's why it was making me feel ill. I do know it was bought from Coles and I mostly buy meat from Aldi or the local IGA, which sells meat packed by the local butcher who buys the beasts from the local farmers. Nothing wrong with meat as a partial source of the Omega 3 fats - as long as it's from pastured beasts who are grazing on a variety of plants. I still don't feel like eating red meat.

I'm having boiled eggs for lunch. SO's free range eggs taste much better than the Aldi eggs, and keep longer too, and I've seen the variety of plants they have access to. Another Omega 3 food :).

My mission until I have the CTCA scan is to return to the type of diet I had Nov/Dec 2013 and try to do a similar amount of exercise to what I was doing then. I physically felt the best I had in years, my bp was 125/78 (with the aid of the same meds I am taking now) and I managed to sail through the worst situations - mentally and financially - because I felt good in myself and could calmly figure out the best options without stressing about what I couldn't change.

Robyn xo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Here and there...or maybe there and here?

Sitting here enjoying a green tea after another busy morning/midday.

Well, I've been back from Sydney since Tuesday afternoon and I can't remember all the things I ate but the 2 days in Sydney that turned into 6 blew my diet right out of the water!

I was so vegetable and fruit deficient from staying in someone else's house, who is a big meat eater and adores gravies and sauces, that I made a huge pot of minestrone without any pasta in it on Tuesday evening and ate that for 24 hours with various fresh fruit for dessert. BLISS.

All that meat made me feel ill along with the rich sauces covering it. Why is it some people can't listen and make dismissive comments like "Oh it's only for a few days, you'll be ok". These narrow minded people make me want to wish high blood pressure and cholesterol problems on them! I didn't finish two of the 5 evening meals as if I'd eaten any more I would have regurgitated it.

I only managed one walk, on Sunday as I didn't know the area, and that was a guided tour by SO around the Cooks Park/Botany Bay area near Rockdale. I don't think it did him any harm to have a 45 minute walk and he was the one deciding how far we went :D. Luckily we both walk at a good pace and I felt great afterwards, but maybe that was because I tormented him for at least half the time, and he can give it back the same, so we had some fun and laughs too.

Wednesday was a whirlwind of things I needed to do and included a visit to a cardiologist. My bp was 180/100 while I was there but I think that was more white coat syndrome, the fact that I hadn't been drinking enough fluids and all the rushing around before it, as it was 150/90 at the GP's this morning. I did a stress test at the cardio and my heart is pumping out ok but it's not refilling like it should so I go for a CTCA scan in early September to make sure there is no plaque/blockages in my heart veins/arteries. A good proportion of the fees are covered by Medicare, thankfully, so for less than AU$500 I can find out what the problem is and hopefully avoid a heart attack, stroke or a bypass in the future. Thank goodness for advances in medicine and for my "clucky" GP who looks after me! If it's something that can't be repaired or cured then there are a lot of things on my bucket list that need to be done and crossed off. Positive thinking cures more things than any medicine ever will and I'm not one to let anything hold me back nowadays.

Stir fry chicken and veg for tea tonight with hokkein noodles as DS loves them. More noodles for him and less for me :).

Robyn xo