Saturday, July 26, 2014

MYC - days 14, 15 and 16 - lost it...

...gotta get it back!

I seem to have lost the ability to self regulate my eating since I moved here. Maybe it's because I don't have a vege garden growing and fresh stuff is so expensive locally. Part of it is stress eating too as I'll munch my way through half a box of crackers looking for jobs online and because my mind is occupied I'm not registering that I've eaten so then I'll go and have lunch.

I haven't been recording my eating habits the last few days either. I've had the usual oatmeal breakfast mix 2 days out of the last 3. I can only remember eating stir fried chicken and veg on Thursday night as I can't recall breakfast or lunch and I'm not sure I had them! Lunch was a toasted cheese sandwich yesterday and a mandarin and will be salad today followed by an orange. Last night I had grilled crumbed fish with salad followed by an apple. Tonight will be vegetable soup without the slice of bread. No cracker snacks either! I'll allow myself a small treat a day - a carbohydrate, a slice of fruit cake, thin piece of cheese or a homemade biscuit. No eating chocolate, cracker scoffing or consuming flavoured hot chocolate at the rate I have been.

Results yesterday from the blood test I didn't think were good, but the doctor didn't seem concerned. Cholesterol level of 6.1. Up from 4.9 ten months ago. Guess I should be happy it's not back to the original 6.9 of 18 months ago. I must ask for the breakdown on this re LDL and HDL level and triglycerides. If I know where the figures are most wrong I can work on those parts first. Unfortunately I'll need to research it all again as the info is on the computer that needs fixing.

I'll ask for the test again when I have another hormone test in September as this hormone test was mucked up by me not being off the contraceptive pill long enough for the levels to readjust to see how "menopausal" I am. After nearly 10 years I'm over this peri or pre menopausal thing. I just want it finished with!

I have to be tough with myself for a while so I went on the 40 minute 4 km walk yesterday. I pulled up ok but poor Flashy, who hasn't been walked since last Sunday as I've been walking to work instead, was a bit buggered. For her sake I'll need to do a shorter walk today or maybe 2 walks/day. One with her and one without till she tones up. I've restarted my weight exercises again on Thursday as the ones I did for physio on my arm also had the side effect of toning up my back, chest and abdominal muscles, so work in well with the walking exercise which tones and strengthens my legs/pelvic area (keeps the hips from turning mushroomy :P).

Hoping you are all feeling healthy and fit.

Robyn xo

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