Thursday, July 17, 2014

MYC - Day ummmm.....6 & 7....

...and bordering on 8 so I may as well throw that in too!

Breakfast on Tuesday was a bit different as I substituted desiccated coconut andWednesaday put a big dessertspoon full of natural yoghurt in along with the milk I usually add.
Lunch was naughty as I had a small wholemeal toasted bun with full fat cheese, tomato and onion on it. I also had an orange.
In the afternoon I snacked on a medium piece of banana cake and microwaved myself a potato to which I added  butter and salt.
I did go for a 30 minute walk which warmed me nicely.
Tea was pea and ham soup with a wholemeal bun. I'm noticing a trend to a lot of carbs here that I may have to change.

Wednesday was breakfast as usual and I need to buy more sunflower seeds, or maybe sesame seeds, as I've run out.

Doctor's appointment mid morning and my bp is 160/100 :(. Convinced the Doc that I can lower this without more medication and told him that Centrelink and jobsearch requirements aren't exactly helping to lower my stress and blood pressure! I have another 2 weeks to prove myself before he starts nagging me....again.
I have a Centrelink appointment early next week, then another jobsearch one early the week after as well as a stressful session in Sydney the last day of this month. All happening before I see the Doctor next so that will be an interesting visit.

Lunch I ate pea and ham soup with a wholemeal bun. Soup isn't quite the same without something to dip in it.
I also snacked on an apple with some full fat cheese in the afternoon. Probably too much cheese but that was because I did a 4km walk up and down hills in the afternoon and I was starving!
Tea was a large serve of home made lasagne as I was still very hungry.

I took the camera with me too as the afternoon was sunny and fine and took some pics.

A DOG! I can see a dog outside our paddock!

These are views taken from the road the water towers are on.

 (puff, puff...for both of us, but we are halfway home!)

The funny goats were up the top section of the paddock but this lot came over for a look at us. 

I have no idea why the park opposite the end of my street is for sale but I sure think it's a shame :(.

Today I decided to try a high protein, low carb diet so for breakfast I had two boiled eggs. Lunch consisted of a small serve of lasagne, with a big salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and celery dressed with lemon and yoghurt followed by an orange.

Afternoon snack of one apple followed by a half hour walk.

Tea will be a small can of tuna and more salad and if I'm still hungry I'll have a bowl of pea and ham soup from my stock in the freezer.

Robyn xo

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