Sunday, July 13, 2014

MYC - Day 3

A miserable cold wet dull start to the weekend yesterday, and I slept in, so I decided I needed something hot and greasy for breakfast to cheer me up.

Mi bad!

So I cooked one toasted full fat cheese, tomato and onion sandwich. The upside was I used my homemade white, rye and almond bread so it wasn't totally naughty :). I rarely add butter to anything so there was only the minute amount of olive oil in the bread and I did slice the cheese very thinly.

Lunch was a small can of lemon pepper tuna with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and capsicum and had a heaped tablespoon of natural yoghurt mixed with a hearty squeeze of lemon juice as dressing. I can eat this type of lunch for weeks just by varying the fish or the dressing or changing some of the salad. Yeah, I can be very boring sometimes *silly smile*. I also had a mandarin.

Tea ended up being beef stew as I didn't feel like mucking around with steak and vegetables and extra cooking pots. One slow cooker and a couple of spoons and bowls to wash up was easier than a sink full of bulky stuff. The stew was very filling as it contained beef (of course), potato, carrot, celery, the remaining piece of kumera and onion. I also chopped up some stinging nettles and mixed them through in the last half hour of cooking while DS wasn't in the kitchen. He wouldn't eat it if he'd known I'd put my "herbal weeds" in there! Helping to mask the unusual amount of greenery was the broccoli I'd cooked in the microwave and added to the bowls. Gotta have my green veges and I count celery in soup or stew as a flavouring, not a green vege!

Flash (the tubby Border Collie) and I went for a half hour walk yesterday afternoon and took the high road up to the water tower just outside town. As I had to walk briskly to make the blood flow sufficiently, to warm my legs and hands in the cold conditions, I knew all about it last night and was a bit stiff this morning. Nothing like a few good hills to work the muscles.

I should take the camera when I exercise as some of the views are wonderful. There's these cute little goats on the corner before one turns into the water tower road too. Of course there are also baby lambs everywhere around here, cattle, some interestingly shaped trees and greenery and the ever changing clouds. Love clouds.....not so fond of what comes out of them at times though!

Didn't quite make the 2 litres of fluids as I was short 150mls. Paid for it though as I woke up in the night feeling thirsty and drank a small glass of water....around 150ml size.

Also have a new drink for the cold weather to add to my black tea with 1 sugar and milk and unadulterated green tea - a glass of warm/hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice in it. I'm not much of a plain water drinker but a little lemon makes it taste much nicer. At night this becomes a lemon and honey drink and I'm sure it is preventing me from contracting another dose of one of the viruses around here.

Also been a bit bad with the fluids too as had a small glass of white wine Thursday and Friday nights. Lol, forgot to add it to my log book as it made me feel sleepy :P.

Off to hang another load of laundry while the sun shines as overcast conditions are predicted tomorrow with rain again on Tuesday.

Keep well Everyone :D,
Robyn xo

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