Saturday, July 12, 2014

MYC - Day 2

Breakfast - "second verse, same as the first" - well almost....I had sultanas instead of fresh fruit :).

Lunch yesterday was 2 huge bowls of vegetable and rice vermicelli soup, accompanied by a wholemeal roll. I had a huge range of veges in it - celery, carrot, capsicum, onion, kumera (red sweet potato), peas and corn and  half a cup of chopped stinging nettles for my arthritis!

I wasn't very hungry at tea time so had about 60gm cheese, an apple and 1/3 cup of mixed nuts. Love eating fresh fruit, cheese and nuts. Dessert was a medium serve of banana cake and a hot chocolate.

I only just drank the 2 litres of fluids yesterday but I don't think it would matter if I didn't as there was plenty of liquid in the serves of soup. I seem to be thirstier than I was in Summer and I'll put that down to needing to have the reverse cycle air con heating the house and thereby drying out the air.

Didn't have my 2 serves of fruit yesterday either so must make sure I have some canned fruit or a fresh citrus today as well as the pink lady apples I like.

Exercise was my 1 hour cleaning job in the morning - whipping around polishing finger marks and fly messages off glass, wiping counters, emptying bins and sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors as well as house chores like hanging laundry, shaking the rugs and sweeping the whole house. I still managed to be sitting down for at least 7-8 hours of the 19 I was awake! That's another thing I have to do - stop having late nights either watching movies on the TV or crafting. Lack of sleep raises my blood pressure and we all need sufficient downtime......even if we then sleep 10.5 hours because the next day is Saturday and thereby waste a good portion of the weekend *roll eyes*.

Lol, bored reading this yet? Hang in there as I need to think there are "watchers" out there to give me a dig in the ribs if my enthusiasm flags. It's difficult to be enthused about walks in the cold and/or rain in the middle of Winter. Strange that I managed it in the middle of a wet, blowy Summer at 13C in the Blue Mountains last year though. Maybe it was because there was so much to see and hanging out in the youth hostel with all those people around gave me no alone time. I like to be alone and never find it lonely.

Stay tuned tomorrow for today's "wandering off the track" episode. Mi bad!

Robyn xo


  1. Robyn, you and Judsie are both on a mission. Keep it up now or else....:-)

    I just had a walk and am quite exhausted as DH wakes me up during the night when he goes to bed at 1am or so after sleeping in front of TV in the recliner. Then he can't sleep can he? I am a light sleeper and then I can't go back to sleep. Grrr!

    Stay warm and keep eating well.

    1. LOL, yes Mum!
      Wake DH up and steer him to bed. Can't deprive you of any more sleep....can it?

  2. I'm one of your *watchers* I should be one of the doers but...Hopefully reading you again will get me out there doing too. I say keep it up but I'm pretty sure you will anyway.


    1. Do keep an eye on me as if I'd continued with this I wouldn't be restarting it again now! Lol, I'll put part blame on SO (significant other) as we tend to eat a lot more fattening foods at his place but he works them off building and repairing things while I just knit or sew when he's busy. His boys help him so I'm a bit of a fifth wheel in that department.