Friday, July 11, 2014

MYC - Day 1

Well, I started out well yesterday with having oatmeal, nuts, sunflower seeds and half an apple for breakfast. This is my usual breakfast and I just vary the fruit.

Lunch was lebanese bread containing lemon pepper tuna, lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, carrot, a tablespoon of natural yoghurt as dressing and a dash of black pepper. I added a celery stick to it for more fibre and ate the remaining half of the apple.

I did end up sitting down for about 6 hours yesterday though as I had a rotten time with job applications through government websites, and that depressed me a bit, so the only exercise I did in the morning was loading/unloading the washing machine and hanging some clothes inside.

I went for a 30 minute walk around the horse paddock in the rain when I went to feed them in the afternoon though. Soggy long coated dog in the car on the way home was a bit smelly but she enjoyed the outing.

Tea was chicken noodle soup with a cup of peas and corn added, a medium homemade wholemeal roll, a mandarin and then it all went downhill because of how I felt so I grazed through 15 crackers and had a small bowl of ice cream with about 1/2 cup of fruit salad. At least I didn't have topping on the ice cream!

The fiasco with the job searching meant I forgot to have my blood pressure read too so I'll need to do that today.

Robyn xo

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