Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MYC - 10,11,12,13

OMIGOSH, fell off the blogging and dietary wagon the last  4 days!

Sunday, ate leftover spaghetti bolognaise twice for lunch and tea after starting the day with toast spread with peanut butter. Flashy and I had a half hour walk down the road the horses are paddocked on though, after we fed them. A change of scenery is good for both of us.

Monday was a healthy oatmeal etc breakfast then a frosty morning walk to my cleaning job followed by a doctor's appointment. Bah humbug, my bp is 160/90. Doc wanted me to have a blood test so I said I'd give it a go, seeing as I was already there. The fact that I'd been sitting around for an hour in the warm, dry aircon without any fluids made my vein collapse though. Blood tests I have to prepare for. As I'd had a wander through the local supermarket and scored a few vegetable specials, before walking home, I cooked a humongous pan of stir fry for lunch that consisted of carrot, celery, bok choy, bean sprouts, capsicum, cauliflower and eggplant, seasoned with chinese five spice, garlic and soy sauce. I can't remember what I had for tea though as I forgot to write it down :(. I know it wasn't very much.

Tuesday I had a Centrelink appointment (unemployment job review) and went shopping so I had 2 crumpets for breakfast, not enough water all day, a microwaved homemade mini quiche at my daughter's and half a packet of corn chips and dip washed down with 3 cups of mint choc cocoa, that I bought on special, followed by 2 large glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon juice in them. Not only did I fall off the wagon I think I rolled into the creek to boot as I did no exercise except walking around to 3 different supermarkets to buy the items I wanted as they had discounts on them.

Today, Wednesday, I drank a cup of tea for breakfast and ate another 2 crumpets with Vegemite. A frosty morning walk to work again but it wasn't as cold as Monday morning. I consumed another 3 large glasses of water while I worked then trotted over to the medical centre at 8.30am where Glenda happily drained off a big syringe full of blood, without any problems, which I was careful to not view as I'm sure she wouldn't like me passed out on her floor! Shouted myself a cappuccino and 2 slices of raisin toast at a local cafe for "second breakfast", and to overcome the blood loss (any excuse), then walked home. Pea and ham soup for lunch, snack of 6 dry crackers, couple of cups of tea and tuna and salad for the evening meal.

Notice there's no fruit in there anywhere? Oops! Oh, wait a minute, there's around a tablespoon of sultanas with Monday's breakfast. Still a fail though.

Results of the blood tests for cholesterol and hormone levels on Friday.....and another doctor's appointment. Hoping tomorrow is a nice, relaxed stress free day for me and for my friends :D!

Robyn xo

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