Thursday, July 10, 2014

LOL, Mid Year Crisis!

Hello to all who still subscribe to this blog. Well it's been 7 months and 7 days since I've last posted. Not a good start to another year.

Due to the change of address, a change of climate into Winter, and a change in diet since December I've gained a couple of kilos, lost fitness and raised my blood pressure to an unacceptable level. I refused to take more meds, which considerably upset my GP, as I know it is a personal management problem.

I have an appointment with a cardiologist next month to make sure my heart isn't going the same way my Mother's did. I really don't want a heart bypass because of blocked arteries and my GP decided, that as this is a hereditary problem, to rule it out early. I'm sure he just wants to prove me wrong so he can make me pop more pills *roll eyes*. If I do have a heart/artery problem then I'll act on it when I find out but meanwhile I'll correct the problem I do know something about.

So.....I've completed this little quiz this evening and discovered my health and fitness age is 0.3 years below my actual age of 51. Which is good  BUT  this made me wonder what age I would have achieved if I'd done this quiz when I last posted here. I felt then like I did when I was 21, felt really alive and could go all day. I want to feel like that again and I can do it because I know how... I've just become lethargic about my health which is not good when you know as much about your family health history as I do.

Personal management problem!!

This made me set myself a challenge before I see the cardio - to drop my "age" on the calculator by 10% which will mean I have the health and fitness of someone who is 45.9 years of age. Anything below that age is a bonus as I really don't think I can work miracles in 4 weeks. 

I'm not a consistent blogger but I think I'll have to make myself accountable with this so I'll be keeping track of my diet and exercise daily and I'll try to do a daily management entry of my progress. Tomorrow I'll visit the chemist and have my blood pressure taken, then I see my GP in a week so he'll take it again and there will be one more visit to the chemist before the cardio appointment. I was 61.1kg this morning and I'll do a weigh-in each week including the morning of the cardio appointment.

Don't wish me luck as I don't need it. What I need is to be consistent with my diet and exercise, and the occasional kick in the pants when I'm slack (also lethargic,slothful, inert, idle etc), and I need to improve my personal time management.

Day 1 tomorrow.

Robyn xo

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