Monday, July 14, 2014

MYC Day 4.....and 5 !

Good Evening!

Couldn't motivate myself to write blog posts this morning after wrestling fruitlessly with online job applications.

Returned to the oatmeal with extras yesterday morning and raisins was the fruit of choice.

Lunch was a medium bowl of leftover stew with 1/3 cup of peas added and a wholemeal bun followed by an orange.

Consumed the usual liquids of 2 black teas with 1 sugar and milk, 2 green teas unadulterated, 2 large waters with a squeeze of lemon juice and a hot chocolate. Varied the normal third glass of lemon water by having a small wine (150ml) with tea so I was 30ml shy of my daily intake.

Flashy and I feed the horses on Sundays so we went for an invigorating 30 minute walk around the paddock in the chilly wind in the late afternoon. I was feeling quite toasty when we were ready to return home :).

Tea consisted of tuna on lebanese bread with the usual accompaniments and dressed with natural yoghurt and lemon juice and sprinkled with black pepper.

Today started out the same as yesterday breakfast-wise but then I had elevenses of a small piece of banana cake with my green tea.

Lunch was half a bowl of remaining leftover stew and a wholemeal bun followed by an orange. Boring aren't I??

Fluids the same but had a lemon water instead of the wine so just over the 2 litres today!

Tea was stir fried beef and vegetables with dessert of apple and cheese.

Exercise today was my cleaning job. Seemed to be smudges all over the glass and perspex which involved lots of stretching and rubbing to polish them all off. There were so many leaves in the entry area I was quite heated up by the time they were all swept into the street. As for the mopping and vacuuming all I can say is I don't think anyone bothered to wipe their feet on the outside matting before entering the building!

Robyn xo

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