Monday, September 16, 2013

10 out of 10......not any more :)


 Isn't it a bea-u-tif-ul day!

Monday is weigh day and today I broke the 10 figure on the scale!

I'm super happy as when I jumped on the scale this morning it told me I was 62kg, or in the old imperial measurements 9 stone 10 pounds 7 ounces.


I have waited and worked a long time for this. It is a minor goal that I wanted to reach on my way to the main goal. Looking at reaching that by the end of the month and then reviewing it to the lower figure that I should be for my bone structure and age.

I've only lost a centimetre off a few places so that update can wait till the end of the month but I've definitely replaced fat with muscle in those areas. LOL, it will be time for a jodhpurs photo update by then.

Buckin' out of my skin at the moment!

Robyn xo

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Every step you take.......

LOL, been on a bit of a music appreciation thing lately and this song reminded me of something a long term friend said to me recently as well as being relevant to my weight. I don't know if that was BEFORE or AFTER he commented that I was a bit wide around the seat. He did pay for that comment!

Feeling good this morning as I lost another 1/2kg last week, so I'm down to 63.5kg, and it hasn't found me again :). Lost a few centimetres off various places though the "bingo arms" are proving difficult to give away :(. I've started weights in an effort to at least tone the muscles up if not encourage the fat deposits to retire.

Doctor's consultation last Thursday and I've lowered the LDL's back to 3.3 - down half a point, the triglycerides are now 0.8 (yay, they are under 1.0 so below half!), the VLDL's down another 0.1 to 0.4 ....these are the really nasty ones... and my HDL is up another 0.1 to 1.5 - bloody brilliant!

My cute doc has said that even though he has raised my heart meds by 50% - my damn bp won't drop below 150/90 - he thinks he can trust me enough, after the effort I put in to lower my cholesterol without medication, to not see me until the beginning of November.....BUT I MUST CONTINUE TO TAKE MY MEDS AS PRESCRIBED. Lol, he doesn't totally trust me not to go a la natural again and shoot my readings through the roof!

As I've acquired a mentor, who's already had a couple of heart attacks, I'm being gently reminded to be a "good girl" and take ALL my meds every day :).

My middle section is flattening out again so I'm going to be in a bikini by December *big silly grin*.

Hope everyone is feeling healthy!

Cheers, Robyn xo