Monday, August 26, 2013

Edging forward

I didn't quite make the kilo loss this week, 800gm though, but I'll do it before the next visit to the doctor and hopefully a bit more besides :). Already lost 4kg since last consult so I'll knock his socks off this time. I've only walked half the distance I've been doing in the previous two weeks so that may be the reason.

Not a lot of change in the body measurements as the developing muscle is replacing the fat so the shape is around the same. I'll leave it till next Monday to do measurements again.

On a more positive side I CAN SEE the muscles in my legs, I don't have to hope they are there under the padding any more! LOL, they're shaping up to be a good set of legs too, if I do say so myself! I'll never be 21 again but I reckon I can try to make my legs look that way, hahahahaha.

Am I too old for the odd wolf whistle? Guess that depends who's making it :D. It would do my ego a world of good and, even though some think it is sexist, I still view it as a form of verbal appreciation as I never came to any harm from being whistled at when I was younger. I think I have to love the way I look before any one else can though, and I'm slowly edging into that area.


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  1. Wolf whistles are a compliment! Wow, you are doing so well.