Monday, December 2, 2013

Fading away....and not in the distance either ;P

Sitting here in size 8 hipster jeans this morning as I can finally pull them over my hips AND do up the buttons, without looking like I'm poured into them and minus the wedgie :)!

See updated stats on right of blog.

To be truthful they are stretch and they are an overseas brand called "Nine West", made in Jordan, and probably pre-loved by an overseas youth hosteller as I purchased them at Katoomba St Vinnies. Fifty percent off Fridays are great!

If I didn't have a broken arm I'd be doing cartwheels of delight now *silly happy grin*!

Robyn xo

Friday, November 22, 2013

False starts and travelling

The change of stables didn't work out - but that's not what this blog is about so when I can update the main blog I'll do so.

Meanwhile, I've trimmed down to 59kg, my bp is in the 120's over 80's and I can wear size 10 jeans! I'm fitter than I've been for 20 years and I feel FANTASTIC!
ROFLOL....I don't look too bad either :D.

I'll post again after the upcoming move, where I'm going south west, to another place I used to live.

Lots of "f" words going through my head at the moment and not one of them is a swear word...fifty, fit, feeling fantastic, fabulous, freedom!

Robyn xo

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hi, everyone! Been packing my rugs and gear for the last couple of weeks as I'm off to the big smoke. Actually, back to the area I came from! LOL, change of partner, change of stables!

Not about to repeat here what is already on my main blog, as I still have heaps of boxes to pack before the beginning of next week, so you'll need to go there to visit for more details

I'll catch up with the blog when I can but no guarantees it will be before the end of the year.


Monday, September 16, 2013

10 out of 10......not any more :)


 Isn't it a bea-u-tif-ul day!

Monday is weigh day and today I broke the 10 figure on the scale!

I'm super happy as when I jumped on the scale this morning it told me I was 62kg, or in the old imperial measurements 9 stone 10 pounds 7 ounces.


I have waited and worked a long time for this. It is a minor goal that I wanted to reach on my way to the main goal. Looking at reaching that by the end of the month and then reviewing it to the lower figure that I should be for my bone structure and age.

I've only lost a centimetre off a few places so that update can wait till the end of the month but I've definitely replaced fat with muscle in those areas. LOL, it will be time for a jodhpurs photo update by then.

Buckin' out of my skin at the moment!

Robyn xo

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Every step you take.......

LOL, been on a bit of a music appreciation thing lately and this song reminded me of something a long term friend said to me recently as well as being relevant to my weight. I don't know if that was BEFORE or AFTER he commented that I was a bit wide around the seat. He did pay for that comment!

Feeling good this morning as I lost another 1/2kg last week, so I'm down to 63.5kg, and it hasn't found me again :). Lost a few centimetres off various places though the "bingo arms" are proving difficult to give away :(. I've started weights in an effort to at least tone the muscles up if not encourage the fat deposits to retire.

Doctor's consultation last Thursday and I've lowered the LDL's back to 3.3 - down half a point, the triglycerides are now 0.8 (yay, they are under 1.0 so below half!), the VLDL's down another 0.1 to 0.4 ....these are the really nasty ones... and my HDL is up another 0.1 to 1.5 - bloody brilliant!

My cute doc has said that even though he has raised my heart meds by 50% - my damn bp won't drop below 150/90 - he thinks he can trust me enough, after the effort I put in to lower my cholesterol without medication, to not see me until the beginning of November.....BUT I MUST CONTINUE TO TAKE MY MEDS AS PRESCRIBED. Lol, he doesn't totally trust me not to go a la natural again and shoot my readings through the roof!

As I've acquired a mentor, who's already had a couple of heart attacks, I'm being gently reminded to be a "good girl" and take ALL my meds every day :).

My middle section is flattening out again so I'm going to be in a bikini by December *big silly grin*.

Hope everyone is feeling healthy!

Cheers, Robyn xo

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Couldn't resist... I jumped on the scale this morning.

Yah-hoo, I'm 64kg! 

I haven't been this weight since before I started this blog :D.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yippee- i-o!

Doing some tossing out of old clothes while I have the place to myself and came across my jodhpurs. On a whim I tried them on, as I haven't been able to fit into them for 3 years, since before I started this blog.

Lol, they may fit like a glove but there's still enough movement in them to mount a horse! I've forgotten how comfy they are to wear too.

Feeling very much like I'm 21 at the moment :D! I think having something to be happy about makes a difference too.

Rob xo

Monday, August 26, 2013

Edging forward

I didn't quite make the kilo loss this week, 800gm though, but I'll do it before the next visit to the doctor and hopefully a bit more besides :). Already lost 4kg since last consult so I'll knock his socks off this time. I've only walked half the distance I've been doing in the previous two weeks so that may be the reason.

Not a lot of change in the body measurements as the developing muscle is replacing the fat so the shape is around the same. I'll leave it till next Monday to do measurements again.

On a more positive side I CAN SEE the muscles in my legs, I don't have to hope they are there under the padding any more! LOL, they're shaping up to be a good set of legs too, if I do say so myself! I'll never be 21 again but I reckon I can try to make my legs look that way, hahahahaha.

Am I too old for the odd wolf whistle? Guess that depends who's making it :D. It would do my ego a world of good and, even though some think it is sexist, I still view it as a form of verbal appreciation as I never came to any harm from being whistled at when I was younger. I think I have to love the way I look before any one else can though, and I'm slowly edging into that area.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Endurance instead of Melbourne Cup?

Hi all, I've lost another kilo this week. Not surprising as I became a bit carried away yesterday and walked about 100m short of 5km. It was such a nice afternoon, and I'd even found a pair of shorts that fitted me to walk in, and I just kept walking when I passed the measured distance so I started to count paces. I ended up at the next bridge on the road and as I had the camera with me I took some photos.

The cows watching the dogs.

Towards the bridge

Not the sort of bridge you want to drive unsafely on, unless you want a quick swim.

Time for a drink and a cool off

Part of the windy, up and down way home. Hope the pieces of road are discernible

Back to the grid which is the turning point of the "Melbourne Cup walk" as it's exactly 3.2km return from my place to here.......*sigh* only 1.6km to go and that last big hill to climb :P.

Robyn xo

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mid field and grabbing the bit....

This old mare had a bit of a shock in February, this year, when I was feeling very lethargic and puffed my way the 125m and back to the post box each day. Time for another medical check. My old doctor had left the district and I'd just found a new one who was very quick to send me for a blood test for a series of checks.

I had high cholesterol (6.9), but no thyroid or diabetes (Yay!) and it seems my previous doctor, much as I liked him, wasn't being as truthful with me as he should have been re hbp and cholesterol. I also had a blood pressure of 208/150 which had the new doctor reaching for the phone until I told him if he wanted to see a real high blood pressure attack all he had to do was call an ambulance. He put the phone back in it's rest and we had quite a discussion on how to remedy these problems.

We've had the odd altercation - that's what he writes in my notes, lol - since then but I'm taking the bp meds, even though I stopped the cholesterol meds, as they made me ache ALL THE TIME, totally undermining the purpose of trying to walk or exercise as I couldn't without taking pain killers!

I've changed my diet considerably, exercise regularly and have been doing my own research on natural remedies, good foods to eat, triglycerides. LDL's and HDL's and I've had lively discussions with my young doc on the pros and cons of beating this. Already told him I'm going to do my best to be meds free by Christmas. I also keep telling him he can advise all he likes but it's still my body and my health and I'll fix it my own way. He's quite good looking too so that doesn't help my blood pressure readings when I have a consult but I'm not letting him know that! Bit of eye-candy never hurt anyone :P!

Poor guy, I'm sure I'm his most difficult patient but I've given him a different outlook on self care and natural therapies. Gotta teach 'em young - hahahahaha.......

It's been 6 months now from my first visit to the new doctor and I've lost 6kg as I was again up  to 72kg, the same weight as when I started this blog :(. So now I'm almost mid field to reaching my goal weight, my waistline is 1cm off being under 80cm and yesterday I pulled out a skirt I haven't worn for over a year and put it on and it not only fits - there's room to spare in the waist!

I've had some wonderful news lately that has also spurred me on to become fit and healthy but that can wait for another time :).

I've grabbed the bit now and I'm gonna bolt with this. I have full intention of being back in a bikini by December 2013.