Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Word Verification - bah!

Thanks to The Run*A*Round Ranch for use of this image and also thanks to The Crafter'sApprentice for the post that helped me locate it.

I haven't been on blogger for about 5 days and then I'm faced with having to decipher gobbledegook - two lots of it - when I do leave comments on some blogs! I use satellite broadband because that is all I can have in rural Australia, apart from dial-up - which translates to 'useless' here, so it is quite expensive and also regulated by weather changes as extensive cloud cover or electrical storms can render it inoperable. Therefore my online time has limits to it that I don't like to waste. I didn't mind word verification previously and I can understand bloggers not wanting spam and not wanting to moderate their blogs but this latest stunt by Blogger is ridiculous. I'm joining the above blogs in the protest against the new word verification as I can't always decipher them and it wastes my time and my patience.
Please join us by removing Word Verification from your blog.

From blogger DASHBOARD click on SETTINGS, then click on COMMENTS and scroll down almost to the bottom of the page where you will find Show word verification for comments? Select the No option.
If you are concerned about spam then select one of the Comment Moderation options in the section above the word verification section. I did.
Alternatively you can select Registered Users option at the top of the COMMENTS page beside the WHO CAN COMMENT?

Either or both should protect you from spam or unwanted anonymous comments.


Saturday, February 11, 2012


I’ve managed to stay at 68kg even though I’ve consumed quite a few of these lately. I’m sure that eating home made foods and cutting out the preservatives that are in most processed food helps one to lose weight, even if you are eating ‘restricted’ foods like the above!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homemade Nutrition

I made these last night so I know there's no unwanted 'extras' in them :D!
I won't show the Apple Tea Cake I made that I ate 2 pieces of *blush*


Saturday, February 4, 2012

False Positives

or Negatives?

Did my weigh in this morning after the cleansing yesterday and the scale said 68kg! Think I may need to replace the battery. I couldn't possibly have lost a kilo in one day, though the dogs and I did take a fairly long leisurely walk yesterday and enjoyed the views.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Still Stagnating .....

.... in more than one way.
Lol, the rain stopped briefly last week and I went for a walk along the road but a shortcut I took had the problem of hosting some 'farmer's friends' which really enjoyed hitching a ride on my flannelette shirt!

There's squishy ground everywhere and althought we had a starry night the clouds are back with a vengeance today. I'm still stuck with this kilo I put back on over Christmas and if I eat any less I may as well not bother getting out of bed. Unfortunately I'm one of those who needs to exercise to lose weight as dieting alone doesn't work because my digestive system just becomes more effective and I only have to breathe the aromas of food to gain weight  :(.
I've started making my own bread again and find it's more filling than purchased bread and of course it tastes better and keeps longer. I hand kneaded the last lot and my fingers and hands protested about it later so I'll hunt out the bread hook attachment for the mixer this time and just do the final kneading by hand. The long hand kneading did make lighter, fluffier bread though than I've ever made before and I think the exercise worked out some arthritis kinks I have nad with all this damp weather :). Guess you have to take the bad with the good, hey?
I'm having a cleansing day today so I'll be drinking lots of water and only eating fruit or raw veg as I think all this sitting around is depositing toxins in my joints because my knees and ankles are having twinges if I sit for too long and even my elbows popped yesterday after an extended period at the computer :O!
Hoping the weather is not being too hard on every one else's health programs.