Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ready, Set.....

The blood tests I had 4 weeks ago came back and they were all normal - no cholesterol, no diabetes, no thyroid problems but my bp was still 150/100 at the second visit. DH has been back at work for just over a week and I'm tempted to make a doctor's appointment just to have my bp read again, now he's not underfoot all the time, but a friend told me that some chemist's do this for free so I might phone around and find out before my shopping trip next week.

I'm going visiting for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year so I've been  readying the vegetable garden for my abscence. Of course I always find "one more thing" that needs doing so 20 minutes watering becomes 2 hours gardening by the time I've weeded, done some more mulching, squished some grubs and maybe turned the compost or added another layer of stable bedding, leaves etc to the new bed I'm creating. I'm not sure this qualifies as fat burning but it is making muscles and apparently you can't burn fat effectively without having muscles to exercise and the raking and shovelling is definitely aerobic exercise depending on what pace you choose to perforn it at :). The doctor did say aerobic exercise in any form will lower my blood pressure as well as weight loss.

I think I'll need some more summer clothes before I'm set to go away as most of mine are ok for pottering around home but a little too loved to pieces to be seen in public. 


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