Friday, November 2, 2012


You know those vague weeks you have? I was sure my Doctor's appointment was Wednesday so after I did my usual morning jobs on Tuesday I checked the diary to make sure of the time, only to discover the 30th was that day! I missed the appointment! I rang and made my apologies and rescheduled and then wrote the time/date on the wall calendar in the kitchen. It hangs near the fridge so I will be reminded every day about my next appointment.

I've only lost another 0.5 kg but I've lost a centimetre or 2 off my measurements and I hope to lose a bit more weight/cm in the next 6 days. If I could make it 3kg in 3 weeks by the appointment I think the Doc will let me off on medication as long as the bp is down too.

Nothing like a major fright to focus one's energies on a task!

Breakfast is usually oatmeal with sultanas, sunflower seeds and a piece of fruit - usually an apple but sometimes a banana. Lunch is about 2-3 cups of salad - lettuce, celery, carrot, tomato, shallots, sometimes broccoli, sometimes corn, cheese if I have parmesan or feta - accompanied by tuna, sardines or cold meat and whatever dressing I decide to make. The current favourite is dijon mustard and red wine vinegar though I still like the old olive oil/lemon juice/garlic mix for a change. Tea/Dinner is mostly red meat and steamed vegetables though I've been doing pizzas on lebanese bread, chicken stir fries and vegetable soups and we had spaghetti bolognaise for 2 nights. I can only get away with this because I don't have butter/margarine spread on anything and don't normally eat bread unless it's a wrap or a pizza base.

Low fat/low carb works for me and I can treat myself to a slice of cake for morning or afternoon tea. I don't normally eat dessert either as sugary foods make me feel bloated before bed, though I am partial to a cheese, nut and fruit plate which I try to keep limited to once or twice a week due to the fat/oil content in the cheese and nuts even when the cheese is low fat.

Off to exercise by digging/planting in the garden and then a short walk with the dogs to stretch out all the muscles afterwards.