Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sky HIgh?

Well, it's been one day off 8 months since I last blogged and about a week away from when I last updated my measurements in the side bar. My weight see-sawed up and down over Winter but had settled at 70kg when I went to visit the doctor last week for a check up.

You know the suspense music the dah-dah-dah-DAAAAHH stuff?

Now's the time to cue that as the doc wants to see me again in 2 weeks for another blood pressure check as it's 140/100. BUGGER :( !
Six months ago it was still 120/80 which it's been around for most of my adult life except when I was pregnant.

I really like the doc's scales as they record me at 70kg - about 3kg lighter than mine as it only weighs in 1/2kg increments so a few grams kicks it into the next range - but as I think I've mentioned before that's either the magnetic ridge the house is on or we must have different air up here as I'm 3kg lighter in town too. The doc's scales have to be accurate too. I'll use the weight my scale reads as weight loss/gain is still the same, whatever the starting point. I'll consider any lower deviations a bonus :D.

Doc's orders are more exercise, less fatty/starchy food (as I already eat lots of veg and fruit) and he's going to do another weigh in and also blood tests to discount thyroid, diabetes etc that are in my family.  I hate blood tests but thankfully it's in the early morning and I'll need to have water intake only so I won't be stressing about it all day. Must remember to drink lots of water or my stupid veins collapse. I haven't done too badly so far as I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 71.5kg but I think I was closer to 72.5 than 73 on Wednesday so I've probably only lost a kilo but I feel really good about that.

Mind you, we both agree that it's probably the saddlebags I've acquired that have handicapped my health! I don't need to be fit enough to win the Melbourne Cup but climbing the hill to bring the dairy cow in without being breathless and having my heart racing would be an improvement. Geez, I used to chase the kids up that hill when we swam in the dam!

I think more of this

and much less of this

are definitely in order.



  1. I remember when I could climb a hill and still be able to breath. Can't hurry anywhere now and I'm gasping...Oh for the good ol'


  2. Is that chocolate pound cake?

  3. Linda, it's zucchini loaf. Lots of sugar in it though.