Saturday, February 4, 2012

False Positives

or Negatives?

Did my weigh in this morning after the cleansing yesterday and the scale said 68kg! Think I may need to replace the battery. I couldn't possibly have lost a kilo in one day, though the dogs and I did take a fairly long leisurely walk yesterday and enjoyed the views.



  1. Is that where you walk...I think that would get me walking more often than I have's lovely.


  2. That is a gorgeous view, Rob.
    I think you could have lost that amount, then again you could have a glass of water and go up a bit again. :(
    I finally weighed myself on Tuesday morning - had already had a cuppa when I remembered- got a bit of a shock, too! but when I went to the doctors on Thursday, I was a bit more than a kilo heavier on theirs. Going on my own scales though, I weighed myself this morning and have lost 2 kilos. I have to stop doing this!!! and just do it on Monday mornings. I am not using much of the diet provided on the website, will make some of the dinners which sound nice, going to stick to my salad roll at lunch as that is something I won't get sick of eating.-trying to do my own thing and be sensible, don't want to buy seeds/nuts that I don't like and wouldn't use in the long term. Told DH that as I am going out tonight I will have whatever I feel like, and might do that occasionally one weekend night- you need something to look forward to. Won't be bad and have drinkies though.:D
    Need to do a bit more walking too. Wish I had that view- I just see houses and the Pacific Hwy. :(

  3. Lol, this is taken late evening on a dull day from the top paddock. That's the other road I walk along. I have done blocks of photos at the beginning of this blog that shows some of the walking views from the road we live on

  4. Lol, blogger is being strange again! That's not how I typed it :P.