Thursday, June 30, 2011


If I was a racehorse there would be a protest that I’d been nobbled.

Remember the doctor’s visit mentioned last post? The results came back and the blood reading of uric acid levels say I’m pre-gout or pre-hyperuricaemic. Sounds awful and it is. So the odd short pain in the knees wasn’t from the arthritis caused by too many unexpected dismounts from horses but probably from uric acid crystals building up in my joints on occasion. The worst part of it is that I’m not a heavy alcohol drinker and haven’t had the luxury of eating rich foods all my life – it’s inherited from my biological father L.

Don’t confuse hyperuricaemia(gout) with heavy alcohol drinkers as it comes from having excess uric acid in the body and uric acid is caused by the purine the body makes during it’s daily maintenance (this is a simplified explanation). Many of the foods you eat have purine in them and though I’m not on medication I’ve been advised to lower my meat consumption (ALL meats but mostly beef) and move to a vegetarian diet. I’ve been net searching and come to the conclusion that there’s still a lot that is unknown about gout and that moderation in all things is the best approach as some foods have a negating effect on purine so if you are consuming enough of those it lowers or negates the effect of the purine in the ‘bad’ foods and your gout doesn’t worsen. So I’m not totally giving up my meat, fish and eggs. People like me who don’t actually have what is diagnosed as true hypeuricaemia can lower the level, just like type 2 diabetics can, and lead a healthy life. Two of the easiest ways to do this is consume 2 litres or more of water a day to help flush the uric acid out before it can settle in your joints and crystallise and to exercise daily so the blood keeps swooshing around and doesn’t allow the uric acid to stop somewhere. The main point being that I can change this if I want to.

So my mission to lose weight has changed direction a little. It’s stopped being a sprint to be fitter and become an endurance race as the point now is to be able to finish upright and still moving and pass the fitness check at the end.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Not gaining....

....but not losing either.
I visited the doctor for some blood tests last Thursday and he ran me through the usual checkup as I haven't needed to see him for a while. My weight is still the same as it was before my scales broke, heart rate was 130/80 but he'd just taken blood, and that increases the rate a bit(!), and my general health is good.
I've started dancing when no one is home....because they laugh at me. Very supportive family huh?
I've swapped  fresh vege salad for vege soups as I'm not much of a salad eater in winter but I am snacking on carrots/celery etc and I have tuna/sardine and salad sandwiches for lunch a few times a week.
I've been naughty in that I've stopped keeping my food consumption diary but after the first few months of healthy eating I fell into a habit of compensating by eating lots of fresh, low energy food after binging on fried chips/chocolate as the 'bad' foods made me feel a bit queasy/bloated and I couldn't stomach anything fatty/greasy for a week or so. Even with the comfort foods (desserts) I’m only having a serving half the size of what I used to as the sugar content makes it taste too sweet. I’m preferring fresh fruit and low fat natural yoghurt as a dessert instead of ice cream and jelly. Cakes are a bit of a trap though. Strange how your body adapts to healthy eating after a while.
DH and DD are becoming used to the reduced/fat free foods like the cheese and don’t notice now if I serve them ‘my’ foods because we’ve run out of the ‘normal’ foods! DH is naturally slim so he can eat whatever he wants L.
Hoping all my friends in Australia are eating healthy over Winter as it’s so easy to ‘fall off the cart’ in the cold weather.