Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Open weight?

My scale is broken. Well, the plastic window with the measuring line down it has been dislodged and swings back and forth across the window interfering with the dial. I think that something has been dropped on it and no one will admit to the damage :(.
I can't replace it at the moment and I'm positive all the comfort foods have added to my padding but I won't know by how much now so I guess I'll just have to go by the way my clothes fit (or don't!) me. The belt holes are a good indication of the waist measurement.
No walking happening since the last time but I've started doing star jumps, marching on the spot, squats and lunges to retain my muscle tone and give my heart a workout. Seems to be helping with the arthritic knees and ankles too as I'm keeping them flexible and pain free.
Lol, I can catch the speedy 3yr old GS for a hug (it's a game we play!) but I'll need better stamina  or more flexibility or both for his 9yr old sister :D.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Comfort Zone

I’m keeping up the walking as I walked on Sunday afternoon but will have to do it more often as with the cold weather I find I’m indulging in more ‘comfort’ foods like fruit and warm custard for dessert and the cup of warm Milo before bed. As it was too cold to weigh myself on Tuesday morning I decided to give it a miss but I noticed  on Wednesday that I had to shorten my belt another hole to keep my jeans from slipping so maybe the Winter is going to work in my favour this year J.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wind in my Ears

Nooo, this doesn't mean I'm going so fast I create my own breeze. It means the wind here is so strong and cold it is a great deterrent to even being outside let alone walking in it. I end up with earache if I try so I'll have to invest in a thicker beanie or buy(make?) myself a hoodie jacket with a hood I can do up tight enough to keep the wind out. The weather has made me research knitted and crocheted cowls though as an alternative to beanies and hoodies. Much more stylish and with a wider range of wearing possibilities :D.
I did manage a walk on Thursday afternoon wearing my corduroy skirt with thick cotton stockings underneath and 3 layers of clothing on the top half of me. I've discovered I'm actually warmer in skirt and stockings than I am in any type of pants. Must be a scientific explanation for this but that's UniDD's fortay, not mine.
One more blog to bring up to date then some knitting while I blog crawl and catch up now Blogger's maintenance period has finished.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jumping out of my skin

Feeling really good at the moment and I've done a 30 min walk Friday and another yesterday evening. Yesterday's walk was about 500m longer than the day before's . I must buy myself another watch so I can keep track of my bpm as I think I over did it a little yesterday as I was breathless by the time I topped the hill so I think I need to slow down a little. Steady as she goes is better for me as I'm no 'biggest loser' where they try to work it all off in a few weeks and puff and pant their way through hours of, to me, torture.
Been indulging in a few foods I shouldn't over the last 36 hours so think I'll have to walk again this evening to keep a balance going :). My exercise energy chart tells me that taking 10mins to walk 1km (that is 6km/hr) burns off 622.35kj or just over 10% of my daily allowance which is why I try to do 3 by 3km walks a week, each one lasting 30 mins. I'm a bit slack at the moment as I'm doing about 12km/hr and burning 477.48kj every 10 mins. It doesn't say if the walks are on flat ground or hilly country so maybe I'm burning off more kilojoules on my hills which is a hidden benefit! I like the thought of having a measure to guage what I'm burning off that's easy to calculate.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A little bit less

I should do challenges more often as I've lost 500g this week. Ok 1/2kg isn't much but it's that much less I need to carry around. The diet ticker is being a PITA this morning so I'll update it another time.

I've updated the measurement figures in the right sidebar as I've broken the 100cm hip measurement (again...lol I forgot to put it in before but I gained it back in the interim anyway!). Found another pair of pants I fit into again *great big grin*.
The sun is shining, I have a few projects I'm playing with and I feel really  terrific!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Yesterday was the last day to do a third walk for the week and as we had an influx of unnannounced visitors throughout the day the light was starting to become dim when I said to the two pokemon playing kids and DH  "I'm off for some exercise before it's too dark". DH mentioned not to be too long as he'd begun cooking tea and I went up the road with 2 of the dogs accompanying me.
I did a brisk walk up to the neighbours gate and back(about 1.5km) and managed a bpm of 138 so I'm becoming fitter again as I wasn't puffing. I'll be set to do the 3km in 30min walks again this week. This is good as even after a couple of nil to light exercise weeks I can still regain my fitness quickly so I'll have to keep at this fitness level now I've attained it and not become lazy over winter ;P.
Lol, I'll have to make myself some full length pants out of light material as it's becoming too cool for shorts but it's still too warm for fleecy track pants.
I need to collect some items in town today so I'll park the car in the carpark furthest  from the shops and do a brisker walk while shopping instead of sauntering along. Every little bit counts :).