Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skimming and Symply-fying

This morning I skimmed some of last night's cows milk as I've decided I really am spoiled having all this fresh food available and all that cream isn't helping me lose weight. The skimmed milk looks a greyish colour naturally, the same as fresh cream is a creamy colour. I don't know what they do to mass produced skim to make it white and I don't care as I'll probably never have to drink it. About an inch of clotted cream was skimmed off the top of 3 litres of Violet the Jersey's milk. The other members of the family can have this with their desserts as they are much more active than I am and use up the calories.
 Skimmed milk on the left and full cream milk from last night on the right. In the future I'll leave it to stand for 2 days before skimming so more of the fat has risen to the top. I'll miss my jam and clotted cream devonshire teas. They'll have to be an infrequent treat now :(.

 My jug of skimmed milk. This will stay fresh for a few days.

No, the lumps aren't nasty things growing in the milk they are lumps of clotted cream and are about 35-40% fat. I've made butter from this in the past and used the buttermilk for scones. Makes me feel a little less guilty about the clotted cream on top of the scone!

AND NOW..........

the reason for the skimming!

I purchased a diet magazine that doesn't seem like a diet magazine. I was so impressed I bought #2 of the series and will add to the series when I can afford it as #6 has recently been released. Some of the recipes have replaced full cream milk with evaporated light milk and the milk you are supposed to use for other purposes is skim milk. Evaporated light milk costs between $2.20 -$2.60/375ml can where I live and skim milk isn't cheap either and as Violet is giving between 4-6 litres/day I couldn't see the point in raising my shopping costs and giving good milk to the dogs!
I'll have to try this experiment to see if it works.

Meanwhile, even the family is happy with their 'diet' food and of course they can have bigger serves but they are discovering they are full on the same serves as I eat.
As I didn't have a chance to take photos before serving because the 'vultures' were ravenous I had to resort to photographing the leftovers. Please use your imagination and picture these surrounded by your favourite salad or vegetables!

  Asparagus and Ham Slice - Friday night

Chicken Stroganoff - Saturday night

The magazines are the "Symply too good too be true" series by Annette Sym and are available in Newsagents or from her website. Or you can download a few free recipes from the website first, like I did, and then decide if they are for you.

He, he, he if you've managed to persist in reading to the end of this long post I'm sure you have the persistence to start a healthy eating lifestyle so join us in improving your health and finding new things to enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I realised this morning that I've been trying my lifestyle change for exactly 4 months today and I'm still at the weight I was when I started with a few up/downs along the way :(.

There are some positive do's - I do drink more water, I do eat healthier than I used to, I do try to not snack after tea at night
There are also some don'ts - I don't exercise as much as I should, I don't always say 'no' to treats - especially if I'm stressed/tired, I don't always have enough sleep which definitely affects my will power when it relates to the first 2 don'ts.

I had a shock about a week ago during the 35degC humid heat. I was scantily clad (that's more than enough info there :O!) one day and caught site of myself in DD's long mirror. I stopped dead and had a good long look and said to myself, "Why the H**l didn't someone tell me I looked like that!!"
It frightened the heck out of me to think that not many years ago a MUCH lesser woman had been reflected there. It disappointed me that DH is apt to torment me about my weight but never actually told me what I REALLY look like and as I'm a pretty casual dresser I don't usually look in mirrors to check how I'm dressed. That's another 'don't' that will become a 'do' as I want to see what Mother Nature gave me and watch the later extensions I've added to the original version disappear.
I do have a timeline - 21 months at the most as I want to be at 50 what I was at 25. Lean, fit and healthy. I've been doing yoga type exercises since viewing the 'shocking' mirror image and walked a few times. I can see my ankle bones again as they are not underneath all that puffy stuff, I found my chinbone and my neck looks longer as there's less 'shoulder padding' next to it.
I DO wish reductions didn't happen from the top down, though, as for a while it will look like I have a really BIG bottom half. I may have to frighten the neighbours and go swimming in the dam wearing a t-shirt and boardies to remedy this!