Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcoming a Happy, Healthy 2012!

LOL, looks like I’m taking the kilo I added over Christmas into the New Year with me! Could have been worse, like last year, and it could have been 3 kilos :P.
Hoping everyone has a positive year in 2012 and more successes than non successes!
Remember, every gram you put on today/tonight will be last year’s weight problem after midnight so we can all start anew tomorrow morning with no regrets :D.


  1. Yep, starting anew. That'll be me...See you there.


  2. Hello, came across this blog in my travels.
    I finally remembered to get new batteries for my scales :-((( not a happy camper.
    Have been looking at Symply Too Good books and wondered if they were OK - some people have commented some of the recipes are very salty. Have you had a good experience with these books?