Saturday, December 3, 2011

Summer Rainy Days

I slipped a bit this week with all the rain. Went shopping and decided it was a good time for a ‘free’ day so no fat/kj counting. Not a good idea as with the 4 rainy days….and I mean all day each day…. I couldn’t take my walks. I’m thinking I overdid it with the fats and sugars on shopping day but I didn’t bother to check back on the kj’s as regret is not conducive to further weight loss and is not useful to forward progression.
On the positive side I still lost half a kilo so I’m thinking I may be able to drop the other half still there by losing bout 1 1/4kg a week for the next 2 weeks to still achieve my 64kg goal by Christmas.
Lol, no ‘free’ days this week, or maybe next week, as I want 2 consecutive free days for my birthday and Christmas day. A couple of extra ‘laps’ around the paddock each exercise time won’t hurt either so any indulgences won’t have time to settle anywhere!
Over this time of year the choice is willpower and abstinence or more exercise. I choose exercise as often it’s easier than disappointing yourself and someone else by saying “No” to their delicious culinary creation they’ve spent time preparing.

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