Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas?

LOL, or should I say HO HO HO!

I'll start dieting (again) tomorrow :D. I've gained a kilo to 68.5 and most of my family/friends have all kindly (?) gifted me with chocolates and wine?!
Duh....I sew, make cards and scrapbook so they could have given me non-fattening gifts to do with any of these. I think I'll have to start a Dieter's Gift List to send to them as a start to the New Year. Even a reel of sewing thread would have been a more appropriate gift while I'm trying to lose weight, and a lot cheaper because after all it's the thought that counts not the cost.
Hmmm, maybe they are hoping I'll regift back to them? Nah, I'll just consume the gifts over an extended period and exercise more :).

I'll be back in the New Year and wishing you all low kilojoule, fat free Christmases and New Year celebrations. (We can always wish, hey!!)

Cheers (hic),

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