Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm discovering that grazing, or snacking is ok as long as I'm careful what I choose. A cob of fresh corn has nearly 3 times the kilojoules an apple does and about 6 times that of an orange. Mangoes are the equivalent of 2 medium apples, as is a large banana. I may as well have a slice of multigrain bread as a half dozen 20 cent piece sized baked crackers. I could eat half a lettuce and a whole cucumber and it would hardly make a dent in my daily kj allowance.
I'm not rigid with the daily kjs but I try to make sure the weekly total is within the limits to lose weight as some days, like the hot day we are having today, I don't feel very hungry but on a cooler day I will feel the need for more food. Cooler days are a problem with water consumption too as I'm not much of a water drinker unless it's a hot day and even with some flavouring in the form of a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange juice, it is still a chore to sip or drink water. 
Lately I haven't been having enough sleep either and this hasn't helped with weight loss as the body does 'maintenance' when you are sleeping, which burns up energy. When I'm tired the temptation is also there to eat to stay awake and the choice is usually a sweet tasting item :(. 
I'll try to post at least once a week, probably on my weigh in day which is Saturday, to help keep focussed. Off to make a silverbeet and onion pie now using a low fat recipe.

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