Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fitting into the old gear


 This old mare can fit into 2 pairs of jeans she hasn’t been able to wear since the first week of April 2011....the end of the last weight loss effort :P. I also have to wear my belt with the ‘fat jeans’ or I’m forever hitching them up. I know it’s fashionable to wear the crotch of your pants around your kneecaps nowadays but that wasn’t ‘in’ when I grew up and with all my little “design modifications” (short back, high waist, lop sided hips, foal bearing hip width etc) I’m not meant to wear the latest styles.

I’ve lost another kilogram and have begun looking through my old clothing patterns as I’m going to make myself some new outfits over the school holiday break and do a big cleanout/remodelling of what will be the ‘oversize’ items. I can see lots of bags, picnic rugs, cat quilts etc. I figure if the stuff is gone and I have to purchase/make big clothes I’ll be more likely to keep the weight off rather than spend the money. Things that can’t be remodelled will go to the op shops in town.

Yes, I’m one of those people with deeeep pockets who takes ages to decide if purchases are a want or a need before they take out the cash. No easy credit for me – all cash or eftpos – if I don’t have the money then I don’t buy it or I’ll organise a lay-by for essential items like the new iron I will need soon as my Sunbeam has passed it’s 10th birthday and the dials are becoming stiff. Lol, must be from having been left on the cotton setting all the time as I only iron jeans and quilting fabrics.

Hoping  all you other ‘losers’ (that’s said in a good way) are achieving your goals :D.

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