Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crashed and restarted

Apologies for not being able to do anything about the giveaway but I had a major computer crash a few weeks ago and I've only recently been lent a temporary replacement while my tower is sorted.

My Melbourne Cup tip ran third (Lucas Cranach) so there wasn't much to miss :P.

It seems that any who still follow this blog regularly must already have the Symply books as there was only one comment (thanks Barb!) and it was to decline the offer. However, the offer still stands but now it's the first person who asks for it and I'll throw in a "Symply too good to be true Weight Loss Journal" as well. So if you want to try this, or know someone who does, leave a comment on this post and it's yours.Overseas requests are welcome too.

I've been practicing what I'm preaching lately by calorie and fat counting and using my Symply books and I've lost 2kg in 2 weeks. I'm actually having difficulty eating the minimum recommended calories a day on healthy foods so I must have been eating small quantities of very fatty food before to gain weight as I'm only exercising 3 x 30min sessions a week now.
Shopping days are a terrible temptation so I'll need to return to packing a healthy lunch and having a picnic in the riverside park when I'm in town. Thank goodness the council doesn't have those greedy geese there any more!!

I'm planning on being down to 64kg by Christmas and that's just over 6 weeks away so I'll need to keep losing a kilo a week to achieve that. Lol, the only problem last year was I put it all back on during/after Christmas so I'll have to be more vigilant with what food I put in my mouth this year :D.


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