Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Anniversary

I had cause to review this blog, as it still exists and wasn’t meant to by now, and discovered there was a pattern hidden there when I started it but because of the date format I preferred I missed it at the time. In numerical format the start date is the 20/10/2010 – a year ago today.
As this is the first annual anniversary for this blog(and hopefully the last) I want to give something away…. apart from my extra weight!
Not wanting to ruin the number pattern I think I’ll make the closing date for this giveaway the 1/11/11, which is Melbourne Cup Day this year and also my son’s birthday J.
If you haven’t tried any of Annette Sym’s magazines then here is your chance to win a copy of  Symply too good to be True #1. 
Just leave a comment about why you’d like this mag, even if it isn’t for your own use. To download some free recipes to try go to These recipes are from later magazines.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still plodding along

Nearly six weeks since I’ve posted and though I’ve done some exercise it’s obviously not strenuous enough and not regular. I'm back to eating lots of fruit and salad now the weather is warmer as I can't seem to stomach cold things in winter. My exercise has been limited to walking to the mailbox and wandering around the paddock when the dogs are having their daily run. Ah well, can’t turn back time and I have about 9 weeks before Christmas so I’d better stop procrastinating as Christmas was my undoing last year.