Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wind in my Ears

Nooo, this doesn't mean I'm going so fast I create my own breeze. It means the wind here is so strong and cold it is a great deterrent to even being outside let alone walking in it. I end up with earache if I try so I'll have to invest in a thicker beanie or buy(make?) myself a hoodie jacket with a hood I can do up tight enough to keep the wind out. The weather has made me research knitted and crocheted cowls though as an alternative to beanies and hoodies. Much more stylish and with a wider range of wearing possibilities :D.
I did manage a walk on Thursday afternoon wearing my corduroy skirt with thick cotton stockings underneath and 3 layers of clothing on the top half of me. I've discovered I'm actually warmer in skirt and stockings than I am in any type of pants. Must be a scientific explanation for this but that's UniDD's fortay, not mine.
One more blog to bring up to date then some knitting while I blog crawl and catch up now Blogger's maintenance period has finished.

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