Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Open weight?

My scale is broken. Well, the plastic window with the measuring line down it has been dislodged and swings back and forth across the window interfering with the dial. I think that something has been dropped on it and no one will admit to the damage :(.
I can't replace it at the moment and I'm positive all the comfort foods have added to my padding but I won't know by how much now so I guess I'll just have to go by the way my clothes fit (or don't!) me. The belt holes are a good indication of the waist measurement.
No walking happening since the last time but I've started doing star jumps, marching on the spot, squats and lunges to retain my muscle tone and give my heart a workout. Seems to be helping with the arthritic knees and ankles too as I'm keeping them flexible and pain free.
Lol, I can catch the speedy 3yr old GS for a hug (it's a game we play!) but I'll need better stamina  or more flexibility or both for his 9yr old sister :D.

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  1. Oh dear - broken scales. Never mind, you may well get a pleasant surprise once they're replaced :D)
    Sounds like a good plan, all that moving, marching and squatting - amazing how much difference it can make. It's all exercise isn't it - all good.
    I'm getting back on the treadmill today.