Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jumping out of my skin

Feeling really good at the moment and I've done a 30 min walk Friday and another yesterday evening. Yesterday's walk was about 500m longer than the day before's . I must buy myself another watch so I can keep track of my bpm as I think I over did it a little yesterday as I was breathless by the time I topped the hill so I think I need to slow down a little. Steady as she goes is better for me as I'm no 'biggest loser' where they try to work it all off in a few weeks and puff and pant their way through hours of, to me, torture.
Been indulging in a few foods I shouldn't over the last 36 hours so think I'll have to walk again this evening to keep a balance going :). My exercise energy chart tells me that taking 10mins to walk 1km (that is 6km/hr) burns off 622.35kj or just over 10% of my daily allowance which is why I try to do 3 by 3km walks a week, each one lasting 30 mins. I'm a bit slack at the moment as I'm doing about 12km/hr and burning 477.48kj every 10 mins. It doesn't say if the walks are on flat ground or hilly country so maybe I'm burning off more kilojoules on my hills which is a hidden benefit! I like the thought of having a measure to guage what I'm burning off that's easy to calculate.

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