Monday, May 2, 2011


Yesterday was the last day to do a third walk for the week and as we had an influx of unnannounced visitors throughout the day the light was starting to become dim when I said to the two pokemon playing kids and DH  "I'm off for some exercise before it's too dark". DH mentioned not to be too long as he'd begun cooking tea and I went up the road with 2 of the dogs accompanying me.
I did a brisk walk up to the neighbours gate and back(about 1.5km) and managed a bpm of 138 so I'm becoming fitter again as I wasn't puffing. I'll be set to do the 3km in 30min walks again this week. This is good as even after a couple of nil to light exercise weeks I can still regain my fitness quickly so I'll have to keep at this fitness level now I've attained it and not become lazy over winter ;P.
Lol, I'll have to make myself some full length pants out of light material as it's becoming too cool for shorts but it's still too warm for fleecy track pants.
I need to collect some items in town today so I'll park the car in the carpark furthest  from the shops and do a brisker walk while shopping instead of sauntering along. Every little bit counts :).

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