Monday, April 25, 2011


As I set off for my walk today wearing my cushiony shoes I remembered that it was exactly a month ago that I'd bought these new shoes so I decided to do a comparison by taking a photo of what I had been walking in and what I was walking in now.

The new shoes are Asics gel netball shoes. No more sore joints or sore soles from the wrong shoes or old worn out shoes. 
The Asics cost me twice what I'd usually pay for this type of shoe but they are sooo worth it as it feels like I'm walking on clouds :D.
Lol, I must thank my local sports store manager for his enquiries on the purpose of my shoes and the terrain I would be using them in and his suggestion (after 4 pairs that I had chosen and tried on!) of these particular ones. No more shoe stores for me, this old mare has finally found a farrier she approves of :D.

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