Thursday, April 28, 2011

Singing in the rain...

The weather cleared enough for me to go for a short walk yesterday afternoon. It was only around a kilometre and about a third of that was driveway but any exercise is good. It's raining continuously at the moment so I'll have to watch for any short dry spells as all this inactivity (and DH's liberal application of butter to the mashed potato when he cooks tea!) is making me lethargic.

Monday, April 25, 2011


As I set off for my walk today wearing my cushiony shoes I remembered that it was exactly a month ago that I'd bought these new shoes so I decided to do a comparison by taking a photo of what I had been walking in and what I was walking in now.

The new shoes are Asics gel netball shoes. No more sore joints or sore soles from the wrong shoes or old worn out shoes. 
The Asics cost me twice what I'd usually pay for this type of shoe but they are sooo worth it as it feels like I'm walking on clouds :D.
Lol, I must thank my local sports store manager for his enquiries on the purpose of my shoes and the terrain I would be using them in and his suggestion (after 4 pairs that I had chosen and tried on!) of these particular ones. No more shoe stores for me, this old mare has finally found a farrier she approves of :D.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Travelling exercise

I went to visit my daughter for a week at the end of March. The last day there was her Uni Graduation. While I was there I continued my walking and tried to make healthy eating choices while I was away from home. I've stabilised on 68kg but I put a centimetre or 2 on waist and hips since arriving home as I caught a virus that made me feel quite lethargic. I'm well again now though and if I move away from the sewing machine and the computer I may actually be able to do some other form of exercise!
I took some lovely pictures while I was away and thought I'd share some of the walks and visited areas there.

Travelling down - top left to bottom right - Electricity turbines near Goulburn; views of the highway and surrounds 50k north of Gundagai; countryside 20k north of Gundagai; Tumblong Tavern - my favourite pub.

Views of and around the Wollundry Lagoon on a Sunday morning. A nice place to exercise :).

There'll be some more photos in a couple of days when I do another weigh in/measurements....after I spend time walking this mornings easter egg off - oops!!