Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fast Work

Well, as fast as I'll go as my joints object to jogging/running.

I walked 3.2km(2 miles) yesterday in 30 minutes. That's supposed to burn 645.4kj for someone my current weight. It doesn't indicate if they are talking about walking machines or what type of terrain so I figure the extra energy expended by having 3 hills to climb on my walk must mean I've burnt up kilojoules I don't know I'm using. That's a bonus :D!

Here's a view of one of the hills and the downslope on the other side can be a trial to climb returning home.

Also, how could I train without my personal exercise team ?
My full time trainer keeping a look out for vehicles......

and my part time trainer following behind ensuring I keep up the pace.


  1. LOL, just love your exercise team!

  2. I love your walking partners! Your cat looks like mine.