Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A little postscript on the previous 2 entries - we saddled up the horses and started out on our ride but my fellow kept stumbling and when we went down a hill he was definitely lame, not much but enough to make us turn back as it seemed, after inspection of his hooves for stone bruises, to be in his upper leg.
He didn't seem very lame the following day when he was cantering around the paddock though. I wonder if he's learning crafty tricks now he's older :P?


Weighed in today - haven't lost any more weight and haven't lost any more centimetres BUT I haven't gained any either! I'm either moving what I have to places where it makes my clothes look and fit better on me or I'm converting it into muscle as I feel really good. I don't have a problem with that :D.
The walking and water consumption were a bit hit and miss while DD was here but I did walk 4 times and made sure I drank water every day even if it was only a glass or two. I'm not going to beat myself over the head with it and I'm back to the routine this morning after going for a walk yesterday evening.
As Lucky says 'one step at a time' !

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well it's probably a bit early in the season for a spell but it's difficult to exercise when it's pouring rain and your only option for weight losing exercise is to do it outside.  I've missed 2 days so I'll have to catch up starting today. Seriously thinking of walking in my gumboots as the road and paddocks are so squishy and slippery and the grip on the bottom of my gumboots is better than that on my walking shoes.
I slipped behind in my water drinking as well as we've been having winter type temperatures for the last 3 days and a glass of cold water wasn't very appealing compared to a hot drink. Does having home made soup count as fluid intake or is that a meal??
I have another walking partner for a week or so as UniDD came home on a surprise visit :). Lol, she packed on a few kilos doing her final exams due to stress and study. She only has to lose a third of what I do though :P. She's thinking of going for a ride on her horse, so they'll both be sore for a few days as her mare is only ridden by her as it plays up with any other rider. I might torment my gelding by taking him for a ride also... he's not fond of taking the little fat lady around the paddock as my DH is about 6 kilos lighter than me :D.
Thanks to Thelwell, one of my favourite cartoonists!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melbourne Cup Day Weigh In

For anyone just tuning in, no this part is not a tip for the most famous race in Oz! Just an update on my weight loss.
I have lost in 12 days....100gms. The upside of this is that yesterday I walked to the cattle grid which marks the boundary of the second neighbours property in 15 mins :). "So what!" you say, well that's 1.5km away up and down hills and though I felt those hills I wasn't puffed. I actually felt quite good, even though it was raining lightly, as the bush smelt wonderful, I felt energised and my pulse rate was around 144bpm so I was in my energy(weight)  burning range. Coming back was a little slower though as the major hill on the return is reasonably long and quite steep,just before reaching the top, causing a return time of 21mins and some breathlessness, not surprising as my bpm had risen to 168!
On the measurements side of things I've lost 4cm off my waist and 2cm off my hips in a week, so I wish I'd measured myself when I first started as the difference could have been greater *wink*.
The new goal in the next couple of weeks is to do the 'grid walk', as we've termed it in the past, without a puff and in about half the time *smile*. That will put me on a par with UniDD, whose just under half my age :P.
For the real Melbourne Cup I like Maluckyday on an each-way bet but the youngster may have to put some age and perseverance behind his muscles to really condition him for this distance.