Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well it's probably a bit early in the season for a spell but it's difficult to exercise when it's pouring rain and your only option for weight losing exercise is to do it outside.  I've missed 2 days so I'll have to catch up starting today. Seriously thinking of walking in my gumboots as the road and paddocks are so squishy and slippery and the grip on the bottom of my gumboots is better than that on my walking shoes.
I slipped behind in my water drinking as well as we've been having winter type temperatures for the last 3 days and a glass of cold water wasn't very appealing compared to a hot drink. Does having home made soup count as fluid intake or is that a meal??
I have another walking partner for a week or so as UniDD came home on a surprise visit :). Lol, she packed on a few kilos doing her final exams due to stress and study. She only has to lose a third of what I do though :P. She's thinking of going for a ride on her horse, so they'll both be sore for a few days as her mare is only ridden by her as it plays up with any other rider. I might torment my gelding by taking him for a ride also... he's not fond of taking the little fat lady around the paddock as my DH is about 6 kilos lighter than me :D.
Thanks to Thelwell, one of my favourite cartoonists!

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