Friday, October 22, 2010

They're off!!

I started the day with a cup of water. I dislike drinking water, unless it has at least 8 year old Glenfiddich with it and ice cubes, but as thoroughbreds are barred from stimulants in their diet  I 'spose I'll have to refrain as well. He he.
As I'm a heavy tea drinker I made myself a deal today that for every cup of tea I have I must have a cup of water. It worked quite well as I had 4 of each and that makes 2 litres of fluids plus I had a cup of milk through the day, with my cereal and in the cups of tea, and  the last cup of V8 juice in the carton. I know you're supposed to drink 2 litres of water a day but for me to drink 2 litres of anything in a day is almost unheard of so I think I'm doing well. I've also lowered my tea intake so that's good for my liver :D.
The rain was looming again about midday so rather than wait to see if it happened I grabbed Flash, my currently fat Border Collie, and we did a brisk 30 minute walk around the top paddock. I don't know who was puffing more when we finished but she had a swim in the dam and I needed a shower and we just missed being caught in the rain!
Apart from eating regular meals and switching from bread to crackers (rice, corn or whole grains) I'm not changing my diet much as I already use very little butter, and never on sandwiches/crackers, don't have sugar in tea or on cereals and have discovered from past experience that when I try to diet and exercise I am forever feeling hungry. Feeling hungry makes me irritable which is hard on my family and the temptation to cheat and just treat myself to a naughty thing every now and then becomes irresistible and I cheat at least once every day.  I know this because I've kept journals and I reread them when I decided to try this...again.
Lol, nothing like knowing your own bad habits. It's breaking them that's difficult. So I'll exercise and increase it steadily and review my efforts got it....Melbourne Cup Day!!

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  1. Sounds like a good day Robyn...keep up the good work...we know its a lifestyle plan and have to do things that we can do its not use doing something we cant do long term...hugs Khris