Monday, October 25, 2010


When the paddock is too soggy to walk in, except in gumboots, then I walk along the road. As I can do so safely it doesn't matter what time in the day I walk. Two nights ago I noticed the sky when  I neared the gate coming home and couldn't go inside quick enough for the camera.
The full moon reflected in a dam near the house. It looks more impressive in a larger size but it was gorgeous.

Today I thought I'd take the camera with me and let everyone have a view of what the racehorses see when they do roadwork, *lol* minus the dog as she's just my company when I walk. The first set is going away from the farm. Apart from the 1st photo, taken near the mailbox,  each successive photo is taken from the point where the previous one finishes. Final photo is looking from the road across the neighbour's property.

 This set is going home and some views of our farm on the way. Final photo is the farmyard and the corrugated roof surrounded by trees is the house.
I do hope you've enjoyed your walk with me and please keep the comments coming :D!

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