Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Old Gray Mare.......

well, not quite as there's a long way to go before I'm that gray. There is the problem though of having been in a good paddock for too long. When you're standing around grazing it has to go somewhere and I'm lucky to get up a good trot these days let alone run at full speed :(.
If I was a horse I'd be sent to the doggers (knackery) as my fetlocks (ankles) are stiff, my knees lock sometimes and the sway in my back is definitely showing. So I've decided to follow Lucky's lead and get back on the healthy eating and exercise. I'm a bit too long in the tooth for trying to jockey in the Melbourne Cup but my own horse will breathe easier when I get on his back if he's carrying a lighter handicap. I know he's a sook but he didn't have to groan when I scrambled into the saddle last time I rode him!
I need to treat this as fun because if I think of it as a chore or a must do then I'll fail again. Like Lucky I need to do something for myself and I've set myself a little challenge that I'll let you in on when I think I've lost enough condition to have a try.
Lol, if I know my daughter there will be photos and I'll post some of them so you can all laugh with me at how it looks.
Tomorrow starts Day 1 of my 'Melbourne Cup' so I'm in the barriers ready to start.


  1. Good for you Robyn...great to have you join Lucky and me....we can do this...hugs Khris

  2. good luck! not that you'll need it if you're being sensible about it which it looks like you are!