Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lol, I missed a couple of walks these last few days and almost missed one last night when I answered the phone to a chatty old friend. I didn't have the heart to hang up on him though as he's recently had major surgery, lives on his own over an hour's drive from us in a remote area and his licence has been taken off him until the cardiologist clears him from future 'incidents'. I think the poor old guy's a bit lonely :(.
So I had to race the dark for my exercise and consequently arrived back in 25 minutes but considering where I walked to I'm curious to measure the distance as I must have been doing a power walk and the last 200m or so is up a bendy hill to our gate. That hill tried me out as I had to slow but not interrupt my 'walking rhythm' I get into. I didn't need to stop though :). Also finding that I'm covering more ground in the same time so I'll stay with 30min exercise sessions and not bother forcing myself to do distances. Any regular exercise is better than none!
I've added long neglected exercises back into my routine too...pelvic floor exercises. Lol, I've discovered many places I can do these exercises without interrupting my daily routine :P. My back doesn't become quite as sore when I've been sitting/standing for long periods now as my abdominal muscles are supporting me more.
I'm into the routine of 2 litres or more of fluids a day so I don't have to think about it any more. Starting to feel quite energetic the last couple of days so something good must be happening :D.

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