Friday, December 24, 2010

Calorie free Day :D!

It's my birthday today so calories don't count.
Tomorrow is Christmas so they don't count again.
I LOVE calorie free long weekends but all the calories come back from holiday after Boxing Day when I'll have to thump them down to a manageable size.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas break....

Well, it's the silly season and people keep inviting one to social gatherings and most of the foodstuffs available are items it's sooooooo difficult to have one of, or even one sends your sugar levels through the roof, so I'm having a break.
As I haven't gained back any of the little weight I've lost, and as I've been buzzing around like a blue-a***d fly so I don't think lack of exercise is a problem, I'll be back on track after New Year's day because I don't really want to count all the calories in the wine, chocolates and 'sweeties' I'll probably consume :P.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A little postscript on the previous 2 entries - we saddled up the horses and started out on our ride but my fellow kept stumbling and when we went down a hill he was definitely lame, not much but enough to make us turn back as it seemed, after inspection of his hooves for stone bruises, to be in his upper leg.
He didn't seem very lame the following day when he was cantering around the paddock though. I wonder if he's learning crafty tricks now he's older :P?


Weighed in today - haven't lost any more weight and haven't lost any more centimetres BUT I haven't gained any either! I'm either moving what I have to places where it makes my clothes look and fit better on me or I'm converting it into muscle as I feel really good. I don't have a problem with that :D.
The walking and water consumption were a bit hit and miss while DD was here but I did walk 4 times and made sure I drank water every day even if it was only a glass or two. I'm not going to beat myself over the head with it and I'm back to the routine this morning after going for a walk yesterday evening.
As Lucky says 'one step at a time' !

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well it's probably a bit early in the season for a spell but it's difficult to exercise when it's pouring rain and your only option for weight losing exercise is to do it outside.  I've missed 2 days so I'll have to catch up starting today. Seriously thinking of walking in my gumboots as the road and paddocks are so squishy and slippery and the grip on the bottom of my gumboots is better than that on my walking shoes.
I slipped behind in my water drinking as well as we've been having winter type temperatures for the last 3 days and a glass of cold water wasn't very appealing compared to a hot drink. Does having home made soup count as fluid intake or is that a meal??
I have another walking partner for a week or so as UniDD came home on a surprise visit :). Lol, she packed on a few kilos doing her final exams due to stress and study. She only has to lose a third of what I do though :P. She's thinking of going for a ride on her horse, so they'll both be sore for a few days as her mare is only ridden by her as it plays up with any other rider. I might torment my gelding by taking him for a ride also... he's not fond of taking the little fat lady around the paddock as my DH is about 6 kilos lighter than me :D.
Thanks to Thelwell, one of my favourite cartoonists!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melbourne Cup Day Weigh In

For anyone just tuning in, no this part is not a tip for the most famous race in Oz! Just an update on my weight loss.
I have lost in 12 days....100gms. The upside of this is that yesterday I walked to the cattle grid which marks the boundary of the second neighbours property in 15 mins :). "So what!" you say, well that's 1.5km away up and down hills and though I felt those hills I wasn't puffed. I actually felt quite good, even though it was raining lightly, as the bush smelt wonderful, I felt energised and my pulse rate was around 144bpm so I was in my energy(weight)  burning range. Coming back was a little slower though as the major hill on the return is reasonably long and quite steep,just before reaching the top, causing a return time of 21mins and some breathlessness, not surprising as my bpm had risen to 168!
On the measurements side of things I've lost 4cm off my waist and 2cm off my hips in a week, so I wish I'd measured myself when I first started as the difference could have been greater *wink*.
The new goal in the next couple of weeks is to do the 'grid walk', as we've termed it in the past, without a puff and in about half the time *smile*. That will put me on a par with UniDD, whose just under half my age :P.
For the real Melbourne Cup I like Maluckyday on an each-way bet but the youngster may have to put some age and perseverance behind his muscles to really condition him for this distance.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heart Rate Zone

Been doing some research and my Heart Rate Zone (HRZ) to lose weight, for my statistics, should be between 121-138 for at least 30mins each day. This means that I'll have to add 10mins to my daily walk time as I can reach 121HB/min in the first 5mins then I'll need 5mins to cool out when I finish. Took the timepiece today and discovered that climbing hills puts me in the 138+Hb/min zone so I'll have to be careful I don't do this for more than about 5-7mins at a time at this early stage or I could stress my heart too much! Think I'll have to check out prices for a heart rate monitor to make it easier to keep track of.


Lol, I missed a couple of walks these last few days and almost missed one last night when I answered the phone to a chatty old friend. I didn't have the heart to hang up on him though as he's recently had major surgery, lives on his own over an hour's drive from us in a remote area and his licence has been taken off him until the cardiologist clears him from future 'incidents'. I think the poor old guy's a bit lonely :(.
So I had to race the dark for my exercise and consequently arrived back in 25 minutes but considering where I walked to I'm curious to measure the distance as I must have been doing a power walk and the last 200m or so is up a bendy hill to our gate. That hill tried me out as I had to slow but not interrupt my 'walking rhythm' I get into. I didn't need to stop though :). Also finding that I'm covering more ground in the same time so I'll stay with 30min exercise sessions and not bother forcing myself to do distances. Any regular exercise is better than none!
I've added long neglected exercises back into my routine too...pelvic floor exercises. Lol, I've discovered many places I can do these exercises without interrupting my daily routine :P. My back doesn't become quite as sore when I've been sitting/standing for long periods now as my abdominal muscles are supporting me more.
I'm into the routine of 2 litres or more of fluids a day so I don't have to think about it any more. Starting to feel quite energetic the last couple of days so something good must be happening :D.

Monday, October 25, 2010


When the paddock is too soggy to walk in, except in gumboots, then I walk along the road. As I can do so safely it doesn't matter what time in the day I walk. Two nights ago I noticed the sky when  I neared the gate coming home and couldn't go inside quick enough for the camera.
The full moon reflected in a dam near the house. It looks more impressive in a larger size but it was gorgeous.

Today I thought I'd take the camera with me and let everyone have a view of what the racehorses see when they do roadwork, *lol* minus the dog as she's just my company when I walk. The first set is going away from the farm. Apart from the 1st photo, taken near the mailbox,  each successive photo is taken from the point where the previous one finishes. Final photo is looking from the road across the neighbour's property.

 This set is going home and some views of our farm on the way. Final photo is the farmyard and the corrugated roof surrounded by trees is the house.
I do hope you've enjoyed your walk with me and please keep the comments coming :D!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

....and walking

Still managing over 2 litres of fluids a day and at least one litre of water. Missed my 30 minute walk today as the weather beat me to it and it started raining again. Lol, if I hadn't been cutting out fabrics I might have noticed the darkening sky! Think I'll have to walk early in the mornings as this afternoon rain seems to be developing into a habit. I have to remember to stop and eat when I craft as I become engrossed in what I'm doing and an hour or so can slip by unnoticed :O.

Friday, October 22, 2010

They're off!!

I started the day with a cup of water. I dislike drinking water, unless it has at least 8 year old Glenfiddich with it and ice cubes, but as thoroughbreds are barred from stimulants in their diet  I 'spose I'll have to refrain as well. He he.
As I'm a heavy tea drinker I made myself a deal today that for every cup of tea I have I must have a cup of water. It worked quite well as I had 4 of each and that makes 2 litres of fluids plus I had a cup of milk through the day, with my cereal and in the cups of tea, and  the last cup of V8 juice in the carton. I know you're supposed to drink 2 litres of water a day but for me to drink 2 litres of anything in a day is almost unheard of so I think I'm doing well. I've also lowered my tea intake so that's good for my liver :D.
The rain was looming again about midday so rather than wait to see if it happened I grabbed Flash, my currently fat Border Collie, and we did a brisk 30 minute walk around the top paddock. I don't know who was puffing more when we finished but she had a swim in the dam and I needed a shower and we just missed being caught in the rain!
Apart from eating regular meals and switching from bread to crackers (rice, corn or whole grains) I'm not changing my diet much as I already use very little butter, and never on sandwiches/crackers, don't have sugar in tea or on cereals and have discovered from past experience that when I try to diet and exercise I am forever feeling hungry. Feeling hungry makes me irritable which is hard on my family and the temptation to cheat and just treat myself to a naughty thing every now and then becomes irresistible and I cheat at least once every day.  I know this because I've kept journals and I reread them when I decided to try this...again.
Lol, nothing like knowing your own bad habits. It's breaking them that's difficult. So I'll exercise and increase it steadily and review my efforts got it....Melbourne Cup Day!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Old Gray Mare.......

well, not quite as there's a long way to go before I'm that gray. There is the problem though of having been in a good paddock for too long. When you're standing around grazing it has to go somewhere and I'm lucky to get up a good trot these days let alone run at full speed :(.
If I was a horse I'd be sent to the doggers (knackery) as my fetlocks (ankles) are stiff, my knees lock sometimes and the sway in my back is definitely showing. So I've decided to follow Lucky's lead and get back on the healthy eating and exercise. I'm a bit too long in the tooth for trying to jockey in the Melbourne Cup but my own horse will breathe easier when I get on his back if he's carrying a lighter handicap. I know he's a sook but he didn't have to groan when I scrambled into the saddle last time I rode him!
I need to treat this as fun because if I think of it as a chore or a must do then I'll fail again. Like Lucky I need to do something for myself and I've set myself a little challenge that I'll let you in on when I think I've lost enough condition to have a try.
Lol, if I know my daughter there will be photos and I'll post some of them so you can all laugh with me at how it looks.
Tomorrow starts Day 1 of my 'Melbourne Cup' so I'm in the barriers ready to start.