Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mental attitudes

I have told EVERY Doctor I have seen, since not long after I started this blog, that weight and diet is NOT my blood pressure problem. It's Stress! 

I'm hoping that the following will help the latest medico believe me and that if I happen to have the misfortune to deal with Centrelink, as I did shortly before my first and only visit to him so far when my BP was in orbit, he will keep that in mind and not try to raise my medication dosage or disagree with me if I have decided to have an undetermined period of not taking meds.

Awake about 5 mins, haven't had a morning stretch yet, and needing to visit the water closet.
After emptying my bladder and sitting quietly waiting for my morning cuppa
After PC gave me a neck and back rub as my muscles were stiff

Huge difference over 43 minutes, and prompted by the simple thought that I wanted to do my reading quickly, before I started moving about and thinking about what had to be done ......and raised my blood pressure. Blood pressure levels are mind over matter, as far as I am concerned, and if I don't mind about something it doesn't matter because it won't affect the numbers.

Roflol, think I'll ask PC to give me a backrub before each visit to the Doc as the Doc is already trying to figure out how I can have levels over 200/110, still be upright and walking, feel physically fine and not be in hospital. Going the other way abruptly may really put him in a headspin! Diastolic is still too high though.

RobynLouise XO

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Autumn Stakes

Hi there.

I'm still stuck on 66-67kg and back on the high blood pressure tablets. Some of that is from stress, caused by a Centrelink mess up though, that has finally been resolved in my favour. Miracles will never cease but keep all your paperwork people!

I've been posting on this blog for just over 6 years and it's been a good insight as to how life has affected me. I comfort eat when I'm depressed/stressed i.e. calorie filled fatty foods and I overeat when I'm happy/excited so good food but more than I need. Exercise is also optional depending on the weather and my mood. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Think I'll need to work on that.

My goal is to try for the statistics I had 2 years ago on the 24 February 2015. See the right sidebar. I've done it once - I can do it again.

The hot Summer is over and Autumn's cooling breezes mean an opportunity to work and exercise outdoors without the heat stress problem. Time to dust off the bike, pump up the tires, whistle the fat border collie and work some extra off both of us.

I've also started keeping a record again of what I eat and drink as well as my exercise. No kidding myself then.

Anyone else who has slipped off the wagon and wants to join me climbing back on and staying there?


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In the harness again

I have had a few changes in the last 5 months and it has only served to make me more content...and less streamlined!

I've returned to 67kg and am struggling to lose it in the 35-40 degree Celcius temperatures here. I do drink lots of water but I think it's all sweating out of me. Shame the weight doesn't sweat out too. I'm disgusted with myself for regaining 2/3 of the weight I lost.

The last couple of weeks I've been trying to exercise and eat more salads. Cutting out all sugar is difficult but if I don't drink tea then that's around 6 teaspoons a day I'm not having. I snack on nuts too and I need to stop doing that.

Time to be back in harness I think and also begin keeping an eating diary.

RobynLouise xo

Friday, August 26, 2016

This old mare has been in the good paddock!

My memory on my Facebook page for the 26 August, 2013 was a link to this post . Seems I've gone back in time 2 years healthwise! See the right sidebar...the 2 entries in red. I've also returned to 64kg so I'll need to pull the lead out and do some exercise after I move and also start the long awaited vegetable gardening again.

Lol...never say die!

Robyn Louise xo

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On top of the (health) world !

Where is everyone and what are you all doing?

Last Friday (10/04) I went to the Gym and only did 3 sets of my exercises as I wasn't feeling wonderful. Sunday I took the dog for a bike ride and found a back way to work so I only have to cross the main road and not ride along it :). Clocked up 7.669km @ an average speed of 13.6km/h and top speed of 33km/h and the ride lasted for 33 minutes, the last 10 minutes minus dog as I dropped her off home as she was tuckered out!
If you haven't realized I've been buying new toys for my new toy.....a 27 speed pushbike. A speedo/odometer with a timer and a new LED headlight should hold me for now.
Went to the Doctor's yesterday and he gave me some wonderful antibiotics that have made me feel 500% better in 18 hours :D.

About to go to gym and do my personal workout again as I didn't think I was quite up to the class this morning and have discovered that there's hardly anyone around between 12 and 2 so I can always grab a free instructor if I have any questions. If I feel up to it I'll have a swim afterwards. Really looking forward to work today, unlike yesterday.

Bucking out of my skin again.
Think I may see about joining a local bike club.

Hope everyone is doing fine with their health and fitness :D
RobynLouise xo

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Travels and Traumas....again

Well, 6 months down the track and I'm living on the other side of the Riverina, NSW now surrounded by grape vines, fruit tree orchards and with walnut growing plantations within about 30 mins drive. I’m employed and my job is 5km and 5 minutes drive away and I've become a member of the leisure centre in town, a couple of weeks ago, that houses the local swimming pools and a great little gym and is run by the local council :D. I’ve attended a weight and core class, done my planned program with a few laps of the pool afterwards and attended an aqua aerobics class yesterday afternoon. I’ve been 55kg since October last year but I can now see the remaining fat disappearing and the muscles appearing :).

I’ve removed some old statistics in the right sidebar and left (mostly) annual ones. I still remember my initial waist measurement being 2cms bigger than my current bust measurement and the bust measurement being 102cm while my hips were 104cmm. I was too embarrassed to post those when I started this blog but they are written in my diet/exercise log that I have. I’ve gone from a size 12 bordering on a size 14 down to a size 8 or a small 10 in pants. Doesn’t seem like much in print but when one is 157cm tall or 5’2” - it’s a lot. Also from 72kg down to 55kg in 4 years isn’t a wonderful achievement weight loss wise but I had a life to find and remake to live it and I’m proud of myself for not losing track of my health aims amongst everything else that was happening even though there were times when I was “stuck” on certain weights for a few weeks.

I finally redid the health and fitness quiz that I did before and I’ve lowered my age from 52 (now) to 50 but I redid it again and even though I added in as many of my work hours as I could, because I didn’t put them in the first time, the lowered age was still the same. So the quiz is a bit of a crock as I’m on my feet for an average of 5.3 hours a day – 5 days a week - mopping, sweeping, wiping down and vacuuming various parts of a factory and offices and it doesn’t alter the outcome!! Also if I cut out the alcohol on the quiz – one drink a week – it doesn’t change it either. Pffffttttt….it’s not going to help that health department for the quiz to be so inflexible and treat everyone who takes the quiz as if they are lying.

Anyway, I need to check how my sourdough bread is rising and wash the dog.

Hoping everyone is feeling fit and healthy.


Robyn xo

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Food Review

I had crumpets with avocado and honey this morning for breakfast. It started me thinking on what I have eaten since arriving home and I realised it's been a lot of items that supposedly contain more Omega 3 fats and cholesterol lowering foods. Leafy green vegetables, lots of cauliflower in the minestrone, oatmeal with fruit and nuts - especially walnuts and almonds, canned fish, stuffed olives. Makes me wonder if the meat I was eating in Sydney was originally from a cattle feedlot and that's why it was making me feel ill. I do know it was bought from Coles and I mostly buy meat from Aldi or the local IGA, which sells meat packed by the local butcher who buys the beasts from the local farmers. Nothing wrong with meat as a partial source of the Omega 3 fats - as long as it's from pastured beasts who are grazing on a variety of plants. I still don't feel like eating red meat.

I'm having boiled eggs for lunch. SO's free range eggs taste much better than the Aldi eggs, and keep longer too, and I've seen the variety of plants they have access to. Another Omega 3 food :).

My mission until I have the CTCA scan is to return to the type of diet I had Nov/Dec 2013 and try to do a similar amount of exercise to what I was doing then. I physically felt the best I had in years, my bp was 125/78 (with the aid of the same meds I am taking now) and I managed to sail through the worst situations - mentally and financially - because I felt good in myself and could calmly figure out the best options without stressing about what I couldn't change.

Robyn xo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Here and there...or maybe there and here?

Sitting here enjoying a green tea after another busy morning/midday.

Well, I've been back from Sydney since Tuesday afternoon and I can't remember all the things I ate but the 2 days in Sydney that turned into 6 blew my diet right out of the water!

I was so vegetable and fruit deficient from staying in someone else's house, who is a big meat eater and adores gravies and sauces, that I made a huge pot of minestrone without any pasta in it on Tuesday evening and ate that for 24 hours with various fresh fruit for dessert. BLISS.

All that meat made me feel ill along with the rich sauces covering it. Why is it some people can't listen and make dismissive comments like "Oh it's only for a few days, you'll be ok". These narrow minded people make me want to wish high blood pressure and cholesterol problems on them! I didn't finish two of the 5 evening meals as if I'd eaten any more I would have regurgitated it.

I only managed one walk, on Sunday as I didn't know the area, and that was a guided tour by SO around the Cooks Park/Botany Bay area near Rockdale. I don't think it did him any harm to have a 45 minute walk and he was the one deciding how far we went :D. Luckily we both walk at a good pace and I felt great afterwards, but maybe that was because I tormented him for at least half the time, and he can give it back the same, so we had some fun and laughs too.

Wednesday was a whirlwind of things I needed to do and included a visit to a cardiologist. My bp was 180/100 while I was there but I think that was more white coat syndrome, the fact that I hadn't been drinking enough fluids and all the rushing around before it, as it was 150/90 at the GP's this morning. I did a stress test at the cardio and my heart is pumping out ok but it's not refilling like it should so I go for a CTCA scan in early September to make sure there is no plaque/blockages in my heart veins/arteries. A good proportion of the fees are covered by Medicare, thankfully, so for less than AU$500 I can find out what the problem is and hopefully avoid a heart attack, stroke or a bypass in the future. Thank goodness for advances in medicine and for my "clucky" GP who looks after me! If it's something that can't be repaired or cured then there are a lot of things on my bucket list that need to be done and crossed off. Positive thinking cures more things than any medicine ever will and I'm not one to let anything hold me back nowadays.

Stir fry chicken and veg for tea tonight with hokkein noodles as DS loves them. More noodles for him and less for me :).

Robyn xo

Saturday, July 26, 2014

MYC - days 14, 15 and 16 - lost it...

...gotta get it back!

I seem to have lost the ability to self regulate my eating since I moved here. Maybe it's because I don't have a vege garden growing and fresh stuff is so expensive locally. Part of it is stress eating too as I'll munch my way through half a box of crackers looking for jobs online and because my mind is occupied I'm not registering that I've eaten so then I'll go and have lunch.

I haven't been recording my eating habits the last few days either. I've had the usual oatmeal breakfast mix 2 days out of the last 3. I can only remember eating stir fried chicken and veg on Thursday night as I can't recall breakfast or lunch and I'm not sure I had them! Lunch was a toasted cheese sandwich yesterday and a mandarin and will be salad today followed by an orange. Last night I had grilled crumbed fish with salad followed by an apple. Tonight will be vegetable soup without the slice of bread. No cracker snacks either! I'll allow myself a small treat a day - a carbohydrate, a slice of fruit cake, thin piece of cheese or a homemade biscuit. No eating chocolate, cracker scoffing or consuming flavoured hot chocolate at the rate I have been.

Results yesterday from the blood test I didn't think were good, but the doctor didn't seem concerned. Cholesterol level of 6.1. Up from 4.9 ten months ago. Guess I should be happy it's not back to the original 6.9 of 18 months ago. I must ask for the breakdown on this re LDL and HDL level and triglycerides. If I know where the figures are most wrong I can work on those parts first. Unfortunately I'll need to research it all again as the info is on the computer that needs fixing.

I'll ask for the test again when I have another hormone test in September as this hormone test was mucked up by me not being off the contraceptive pill long enough for the levels to readjust to see how "menopausal" I am. After nearly 10 years I'm over this peri or pre menopausal thing. I just want it finished with!

I have to be tough with myself for a while so I went on the 40 minute 4 km walk yesterday. I pulled up ok but poor Flashy, who hasn't been walked since last Sunday as I've been walking to work instead, was a bit buggered. For her sake I'll need to do a shorter walk today or maybe 2 walks/day. One with her and one without till she tones up. I've restarted my weight exercises again on Thursday as the ones I did for physio on my arm also had the side effect of toning up my back, chest and abdominal muscles, so work in well with the walking exercise which tones and strengthens my legs/pelvic area (keeps the hips from turning mushroomy :P).

Hoping you are all feeling healthy and fit.

Robyn xo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MYC - 10,11,12,13

OMIGOSH, fell off the blogging and dietary wagon the last  4 days!

Sunday, ate leftover spaghetti bolognaise twice for lunch and tea after starting the day with toast spread with peanut butter. Flashy and I had a half hour walk down the road the horses are paddocked on though, after we fed them. A change of scenery is good for both of us.

Monday was a healthy oatmeal etc breakfast then a frosty morning walk to my cleaning job followed by a doctor's appointment. Bah humbug, my bp is 160/90. Doc wanted me to have a blood test so I said I'd give it a go, seeing as I was already there. The fact that I'd been sitting around for an hour in the warm, dry aircon without any fluids made my vein collapse though. Blood tests I have to prepare for. As I'd had a wander through the local supermarket and scored a few vegetable specials, before walking home, I cooked a humongous pan of stir fry for lunch that consisted of carrot, celery, bok choy, bean sprouts, capsicum, cauliflower and eggplant, seasoned with chinese five spice, garlic and soy sauce. I can't remember what I had for tea though as I forgot to write it down :(. I know it wasn't very much.

Tuesday I had a Centrelink appointment (unemployment job review) and went shopping so I had 2 crumpets for breakfast, not enough water all day, a microwaved homemade mini quiche at my daughter's and half a packet of corn chips and dip washed down with 3 cups of mint choc cocoa, that I bought on special, followed by 2 large glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon juice in them. Not only did I fall off the wagon I think I rolled into the creek to boot as I did no exercise except walking around to 3 different supermarkets to buy the items I wanted as they had discounts on them.

Today, Wednesday, I drank a cup of tea for breakfast and ate another 2 crumpets with Vegemite. A frosty morning walk to work again but it wasn't as cold as Monday morning. I consumed another 3 large glasses of water while I worked then trotted over to the medical centre at 8.30am where Glenda happily drained off a big syringe full of blood, without any problems, which I was careful to not view as I'm sure she wouldn't like me passed out on her floor! Shouted myself a cappuccino and 2 slices of raisin toast at a local cafe for "second breakfast", and to overcome the blood loss (any excuse), then walked home. Pea and ham soup for lunch, snack of 6 dry crackers, couple of cups of tea and tuna and salad for the evening meal.

Notice there's no fruit in there anywhere? Oops! Oh, wait a minute, there's around a tablespoon of sultanas with Monday's breakfast. Still a fail though.

Results of the blood tests for cholesterol and hormone levels on Friday.....and another doctor's appointment. Hoping tomorrow is a nice, relaxed stress free day for me and for my friends :D!

Robyn xo